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Welcome to Tong Ren Station, the home of Tong Ren Healing. Here you will find lots of information about Tong Ren, including an explanation of what it is, the history of how it was developed, schedules of classes (group Tong Ren healing sessions), webcasts of classes broadcast live over the Internet as they are being held, and resources for purchasing Tong Ren materials including books, manuals and supplies.

Tong Ren Anti Cancer Class and Brochure

Tom's newest Tong Ren Healing class has been a great addition to the many healing classes that are offered to the Tong Ren Healing community as well as the general public. This is a very detailed brochure (Download link at bottom of page) that was created by Tom detailing his class that is specific for cancer and cancer patients, as titled by Tom, called the Tong Ren Anti Cancer Class. We are making this booklet available online so everyone can get an idea of what this class is all about and also a better understanding of Tong Ren Healing and how our scientific theory applies to the healing of cancer with Tong Ren Healing. Also included are moving testimonials by patients that have experienced and benefitted from Tong Ren Healing.

Class Details:

  • Location: 85 Essex St. 2nd Floor, Haverhill MA 01832
  • Time: Saturdays - 1:00pm - 2:00pm
  • Also broadcasted live: Live Broadcast Saturdays 1:00pm - 2:00pm
  • Cost: All of the Tong Ren healing classes in the world are free and have been for the past 15 years. In order to promote this practice of healing we ask for people’s support which includes community spirit and financial help. We are not looking to profit. We only ask for donations that are used for class related expenses such as pamphlets, facility rent and maintenance costs. All of our Tong Ren practitioners are volunteers and do not receive monetary gain from the classes.
  • Note: Please don’t call for with questions, just feel free to come! If you want more information, you can also speak with the patients in our classes—they love sharing their healing stories. Also speak with the Tong Ren practitioners who lead these anti-cancer classes.


In the Tong Ren practice of healing cancer, we focus on four factors that may relate to the cause of it. If we can correct these four factors or blockages then the cancer may be healed:

  1. Oxygen
  2. Bioelectricity
  3. Low frequency vibration
  4. Long - distance signals

Official First Tong Ren Therapy Symposium - April 11-13, 2014

We are very excited to announce the first ever Tong Ren Therapy Symposium. This will be a great chance for everyone in the Tong Ren community to come together to share expertise, experiences and visions. The symposium will be a weekend of events including many speakers with Tom Tam as the keynote speaker.

Our Friday night starts with a live Sound Meditation Concert and on Saturday Night Tom Tam (founder of Tong Ren Therapy) is our Keynote Speaker.

Meet renowned experts from the world of Tong Ren Therapy who will share with you practical and applicable ways to incorporate this effective therapy into your life.

Network with the Tong Ren community and others who are passionate about making a difference in their own health and the health of others.

Participate in our symposium:

  • Discover the healing power of Tong Ren Therapy
  • Develop, Learn, Experience Tong Ren Therapy from the Experts
  • Hear new developments and old tested successful methods
  • Empower your own Practice with new Tools and Techniques
  • Check out Tong Ren Therapy as a powerful addition to your existing or future healing practice
  • Find out how you can make a difference in the health of those you care for
  • Connect and meet those who are active in Tong Ren Community
  • Get some healing and blockages cleared for yourself
  • Visit the Vendor / Practitioner area for one on one connections
  • Stock up with Tong Ren Books & Products
  • Experience a Tong Ren Session with a Practitioner
  • Designed for all levels of Tong Ren Therapy knowledge.  Newbee to Seasoned Practitioner

Visit the official Tong Ren Symposium website for tickets, advertising and vendor opportunites, and additional details.

Official Tong Ren Symposium Website

Schedule of events

New Tong Ren Healing For Animals Broadcast - March 27, 2014

Starting on Thursday March 27, 2014 we will be starting a new Tong Ren Healing class for all the lovely animals in the Tong Ren community. Please help us welcome Deborah Bilo as she dedicates her time to host the Thursday Tong Ren for Animals broadcast.

The broadcast page can be found here:  Link

Class Resumes At Spaulding Rehab Hospital Tomorrow, 3/16/2014 (Boston)

Good news! We received notice from the admins at the Spaulding Rehab Hospital giving the OK to resume our Tong Ren Healing class starting tomorrow. Come join us at 5pm at the new Spaulding Rehab in Charlestown, MA.

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