The Joy of Sox Movie. Weird Science & The Power of Intention

the joy of sox

If you love baseball then this is a must see. Our friend Rick Leskowitz, author of the book "The Joy of Sox" and producer of the movie by the same title, has informed us his movie will be broadcasted on WGBH in Boston tonight at 8:00pm!

Why this is important? Rick has been supporting Tom and his Tong Ren Healing class in Spaulding Hospital since we began the class there and the concept of his movie is very similar to that of Tong Ren Healing. If a group energy can heal people, can a similar group energy of baseball fans affect the performance of the Red Sox?

About the film

Can the prayers of Red Sox fans affect the outcome of the game? Is Fenway Park a "sacred space?" Can sports help us grow spiritually? Welcome to The Joy of Sox: Weird Science and the Power of Intention, a new documentary film that looks at the powerful interactions between Red Sox fans and ballplayers through the window of subtle energy, that mysterious force referred to by mystics and healers through the ages, a force which can now be explained by a host of new "weird science" experiments that are as provocative as they are sound.

  • The Joy of Sox includes personal insights from Red Sox players, confessions from Red Sox Nation, observations from noted baseball commentators, and interviews with prominent scientists and energy medicine clinicians.
  • The Joy of Sox will prove that the well-known "home field advantage" is the result of more than just loud noise and familiar settings.
  • New research into remote attention, healing prayer, and interpersonal brainwave interactions will reveal how invisible forces connect people to bring about peak performance.
  • Actual computer studies performed at Fenway Park will prove the existence of invisible "Sox fan energy" and its impact on their team, and viewers will even learn simple techniques to boost their cheers' impact.

The Joy of Sox Movie production team includes Harvard psychiatrist Rick Leskowitz MD, award-winning documentary filmmaker Joel Leskowitz, and award-winning producer and screenwriter Karen Webb. The film is currently in production and will be ready in the '13 season, and ready for film festivals by post-season.

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