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Translated by: Lorenzo Cellerini. Tong Ren Italia.

A method that integrates the Traditional Chinese Medicine with the Western Medicine.

Looks like that pains, headaches and sciatica have short time to live, judging from tests coming from the Florence medical offices of doctor Giovanni Cellerini and Stefano Ferraro, that from few years are practicing a new technique of acupuncture called Tong Ren.
“ It is an application “ explained the two Doctors “ that places itself between the Western Medicine and the acupuncture from the Traditional Chinese Medicine “.    Recently this was an argument at the Order of Medics seminar in Florence.   Deepening into the foundation of Tong Ren, it works in reactivating the so called “ energy blockages “ and of the reoxygenation of the body tissues.

The antioxidant action starts, first of all, in removing with the Tuina massage the blockage in the vagus nerve, in the phrenic and the long thoracic nerves. Then acupuncture is applied, the point of skin insertion of the needles are in correspondence of the nerve roots along the vertebral column.

The objective is to bring back oxygen to the various organs, restoring the electrical activity of the nerves. All this in sessions of twenty minutes each and the effect can be felt right away or few hours after.

The new approach, absolutely non invasive and painless, has proven very effective in many pathologic cases, from headaches to skin ulcers and even to paralysis from stroke.

It is not only a valid therapy against pains but, like we said, it has antioxidant effect to render unnecessary supplements so in style today.
The liver is not anymore put under stress and the body detoxifies, enough for the Doctors that practice it for the longest time and know the results on a large number of patients,to speak of its use as a good prevention in many pathologies.

The new way of acupuncture was born in Boston from the research of its creator, the Chinese Doctor Tom Tam. while in Europe, as a pilot city Florence was chosen since Doctor Giovanni Cellerini, already practicing Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, was able the learn Tong Ren from Tom Tam and bring back to Florence this new technique.

The new Florentine practice joined the others group of Doctors already using Tong Ren that is being used in most parts of the world. After Florence the Association has places in Milan and Turin. There are offices in France, Spain, Greece, Canada, Far East, Romania, Central and South America and many cities in the USA.

At the seminary, given at the Medical Order, with Doctor Lorenzo Cellerini, Stefano Ferraro has participated also Doctor Paolo Scarsella, director of the Multidisciplinary Therapeutic Center located in the Piero Palagi Hospital of Florence. Dr. Scarsella dwelt in the opportunity of the use of this new therapeutic approach in the hospitals.

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