What’s the Point? GB 13

Welcome to What’s the Point.  This week, we will explore GB 13

If you have a question or would like to contribute to this study, please use the comment area below the video.

Thank you for watching!

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  1. Dawn Cushing says:

    thank you! I am able to now pause and rewind and its right on the site so I am all set and now I am catching up! didn’t realize I could subscribe to these so did so below!! thank you my dear!

  2. thank you Deb, excellent

  3. Dacush says:

    I am just THRILLED you are doing this –so helpful to those of us beginning to learn Tong Ren. Thank you so much Deb. and I am even more delighted to see I can still view last weeks which I missed sadly! I realized suddenly last night I forgot to view before the change on Tuesday but luckily I can still view it and refer back as needed. THIS IS FABULOUS!!! thank you thank you thank you! Only one suggestion: Is it possible to get a control bar on the video so you can rewind and listen again to parts you need to repeat? Im old and sometimes it takes a few times to sink in! 🙂

    • Trinity says:

      Hi Dawn! So wonderful to receive your enthusiastic and encouraging feedback; thank you:)
      I have included a link to the Youtube page where the original video’s are; you can pause and control the videos if you watch them from there. Also, if you subscribe, you will receive notice when a new video is posted. Thank you again for your response. Peace and Blessings.

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