What’s the Point: GV 22

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What’s the Point? GB 13

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Tong Ren Seminar in Italy a Huge Success. Highlights and Video Montage Summary

Highlights of Tom’s October 2016 Italy Trip Shared by Joyce Chong Tom with Dr Giovanni Cellerini October 20, 2016 Florence Chapter of The Italian Professional Medical Association Giovanni is an Italian Doctor who specialized in Sports Medicine and Surgery. He traveled the World- Japan, Korea, China, U.S. seeking to learn Acupuncture. He heard of Tom while in Minnesota and flew to Boston to meet Tom 7 years ago. Giovanni is the Director of Tong Ren Florence. Giovanni was the first of three doctors who presented...

What’s the Point? GV20

Welcome to What’s the Point?  In each weekly video, Deborah Bilo will discuss and explore an individual Tong Ren point.  These video’s will help you to learn and understand where each point is located on the body, the associated anatomy and physiology of the point, and where/how the point might be applied in the Tom Tam Healing System. If you would like to request that a particular point be featured in one of the weekly video’s or have any other questions about these videos,  please...