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For any healing system, there has to be a supporting theory, no matter where the theory comes from or whether it makes sense. The theory of the collective unconscious is the basis for Tong Ren Therapy. Without proof all theories are merely conjecture. Proof may be found in research or empirical data. Tong Ren has not been proven by any expert research. This type of research involves financial support, political support, development of modern science, and case studies by a qualified practitioner. The proof for all of my theories is only through the experience and results of my patients and myself. Of course I have no doubt that Tong Ren Therapy works. No one can deny the work we have done or the results we have achieved or argue about it.

With everything we have done, people like to know the theory behind the truth and its philosophy. Yet, many things are still a puzzle. As with much of Western healing theories, no one can be sure why they work. For example, how many billions of dollars have been spent on cancer research and yet, has anyone found out why cancer occurs? We know so little from this extensive quest, but we still use the “Big Three” treatments — surgery, chemotherapy and radiation — to kill the cancer cells. Their effectiveness has been disappointing, but we look ahead with hope. In my practice, it is easy to reduce the suffering in some cancer cases with Chi Gong and Tong Ren Therapy. Yet, some tell me that if they do not understand the theory of Chi Gong and Tong Ren healing, they would rather die, and they refuse to try my healing modality. This is very surprising to me. I can tell them honestly that I do not know the true theory of Chi Gong and Tong Ren healing, but I do know the method and I have the ability to relieve the symptoms. In some cases, the tumor immediately disappears or becomes smaller. Interestingly, most cancer patients are not knowledgeable about chemotherapy, but they are willing to try it because they have faith in Western medicine. Ask a doctor or someone who already received chemotherapy treatments one simple question: who developed chemotherapy originally?

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