Haverhill (Saturdays) – Healing Class For Cancer Patients Only

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  1. Abelcps Abelcps says:

    I am Abelmir Lantyer Marques patient colon tumor ,city campinas , São Paulo , Brasil …already appreciate te positive vibes all .thanks .

  2. Isetireis Isetireis says:

    My friend Dr. Aldemir Lantyer Marques was diagnosted with a tumer in his collon in Campinas, Sao Paulo State, in Brazil.
    He is going to have a surgery on October 31, Thursday. Could you schedule him for treatments in your classes???
    He doesn't understand much English but he is very aware of what you do.
    Thank you
    Iseti Reis for Dr. Marques

  3. Amyzheng94 Amyzheng94 says:

    Hi Dr Tam,

    Pleease help my mom, 江赛珍, Sai Zhen Jiang.  She has lung cancer stage 4.  It has spread to lymph nodes and both lungs.  Would you please tap for her?  She has never treated by tong ren therapy.   We are in New York, i don't know how it would work, do you need her phone # .

    thank you so much!


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