Chuck Christian’s Path to Healing Prostate Cancer and Becoming a Tong Ren Practitioner

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  1. devorah devorah says:

    Hi Chuck.I want to purchase thevglasses but have no idea how to use to heal my vision problems and hopefully tooth infections.There are no instructions included.Coyld you coach me? Also, I am deeply interested in how you helped heal your son’s vocal cord problems..I have similar and am a singer with impaired voice.can we talk? Or connect online?

  2. CJ7 CJ7 says:

    Chuck, that is an incredible article! Thank you for sharing the stories of them & yours situations and healings with Tong Ren. If you don’t mind, what exactly are you referring to you as “Tong Ren probe?” I just took the course here in Ohio May 4&5th. He is an incredible, compassionate & humorous soul! I have a lot to learn, a lot of reading to do. Would you mind telling me how you healed your wife’s shoulders, what steps did you do? I have both shoulders with torn tendons, my wrists & fingers have been going numb, so are my toes. I’d appreciate it very much. Carol V

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