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Dear Tom. Thank You. Joyce.

Dear Tom.
Thank you for helping me become an improved version of myself. These last 15 months have been an amazing journey of healing and transformation. I experienced the spectrum of Tong Ren Therapy of acupuncture, Tui Na, general and anti-cancer healing classes, and the various ultrasound wave healing devices. I am learning more than I can say. I am feeling better than I thought possible. I am grateful to you and the Tong Ren community.

Baby Rowan’s Path to Healing Pediatric Cancer

I first attended Tong Ren at the suggestion of the director of Lucy’s Love Bus — an organization that provides funding for complementary therapies for pediatric cancer patients. My son, Rowan, was diagnosed with intermediate risk neuroblastoma in July of 2018 and while he had a partial response to chemotherapy treatment and had had surgery to remove as much of the tumor as possible, there were still portions of the tumor left behind on his major blood vessels and in his spine. The plan was...

Inspiration and Hope. A Journey To Wellness

I began going to The Tam Center For Healing two years ago after being diagnosed with several chronic and debilitating health conditions. I was mostly bedridden and unable to work. I was taking ten prescription medications that were not improving or stabilizing my health. That’s when I decided to go to the Tam Center. Tom Tam and his team of healers identified blockages, or areas of tension, along my spine that corresponded with my range of ailments. By gradually opening, or releasing, those blockages I...

Healing Update – From Debilitation To Hope

I just wanted to share how amazing Tong Ren has been for me. I have a rare condition called Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension and have been debilitated by it for 1 1/2 years. The condition causes excess cerebrospinal fluid to build up and cause symptoms similar to a brain tumor- nausea, vomiting, dizziness/vertigo, vision disturbance/loss, cognitive problems/memory loss and severe constant headache. Doctors do not know what causes it or how to reliably treat it. A few weeks ago Tom had the group tap for scoliosis...


(Translation from Tong Ren Healing article from the Boston Globe – September 2017. Original article can be found here: Click here for original article) 在昆西东方文化学会的教室里,一群病人正在进行铜人疗法。 从左到右: 卡罗尔, 乔治娅, 朱莉, 理查德, 查克。 海蒂伯恩斯坦 (HATTIE BERNSTEIN) 波士頓環球報特約記者, 2017 9月8日 昆西東方文化中心的教室裡,我们約有50人在参加銅人疗法。学員來自各地。苏珊娜來自伍斯特 (Worcester), 伊莱恩来自海德公园 (Hyde Park), 朱莉和她媽媽乔治娅来自阿灵顿 (Arlington),查克來自較近的伦道夫 (Randolph)。 来上每週免费治疗课程的包括美国本土甚至世界各地来的病人。一个女子從聖地牙哥来两个礼拜, 一個年軽男子從中国来此三个月。大部分参加这些课程的都身患重病,其中許多是癌症末期的病人,癌细胞擴散到其它器官和骨头,已被医生告知現代医学也束手無策。课堂上还有一些帕金斯,多發性硬化症,和忧郁症的患者。當譚輝这位導師和铜人疗法的创始人站在课堂前方,以他不甚完美的英文開完笑时,現場氣氛高昂,笑声不断,几乎让人忘了这些人原本是為了什広聚集在这個地方的。

Tom Tam in Italy 2017. New Frontiers For Tong Ren Healing System

Tom Tam’s October 2017 trip to Italy marked a historic turning point on the road to bringing Tong Ren to the world. We discovered that Tong Ren Italy is gaining in reputation and practice among doctors and patients. A Tong Ren seminar conducted by Tom Tam at the Collegio Italiano Osteopatica, Parma, and seminars in Milan and Florence have opened new doors to Tong Ren.  This trip introduced Tong Ren to the osteopathic community, among others, expanding capacity for Tong Ren in helping heal the...

At A Healing Class In Quincy, Many Patients Tap Into Hope – The Boston Globe

By Hattie Bernstein GLOBE CORRESPONDENT SEPTEMBER 08, 2017 There are 50 of us here participating in a Tong Ren class at the Oriental Culture Institute in Quincy. Suzanne Kroll has driven from Worcester. Elaine Harmon, who lives in Hyde Park, Julie Kalustian and her mom, Georgia Contes, Arlington residents, and Chuck Christian, from Randolph, had shorter commutes. Sometimes, the free weekly classes include people from across the country or around the world. A woman from San Diego stayed for two weeks. A young man from...

Scary Moments Calmed By Tong Ren Healing – A Heart Attack Testimony

Previous to the event related below, I had attended 2 of Sophie Dangtran’s Tong Ren group healings and had received the doll, manual and knife in preparation for the Intro class with Sophie on the Saturday following the event. I also purchased the Tong Ren eye mask. I think I might have had a mild heart attack around 2:00am Friday morning. I had lots of chest pain, pain from my throat to my abdomen as well as extreme pain in my back behind my heart....

Testimony – 譚輝醫生與我

譚輝醫生與我 佛法是機緣。尋醫也是機緣。因果福報全在其中。 俗語說「醫生緣、病人福。」如果機緣不到,也踫不到好醫生。 福報不夠,即使神醫貴人在面前、也會錯身而過。 世事難料 ,千奇變化。福禍自取。苦空無常,心念一轉,常樂我淨。 塞翁失馬、豈知非福。我的一塲大病, 差點要了我的命,卻讓我有機會認識譚輝醫生 – 我的醫生,我的救命恩人,也是我的老師。 譚輝醫生的智慧口語: 「我们医治了⼈..我们医治了整个世界。」 譚醫生的夢想是發明一種波頻儀器,只要一按開關,就可治好病。這夢想已實現了一半,有不少癌症病人已受益。波頻儀器的聲波腦波及用意念、集體潛意識, 以腦波傳遞生物信號, 可引發患者自癒能力。治療方式也包括用物理治療方式,如針灸推拿來打開物理性的阻滯,及用聲納方式可以透過肌肉骨骼到針灸沒法透過的地方。他的銅人療法,又稱懶漢療法,A Lazy Bum’s Healing. 知道穴道最好,不知道也可以,完全在心念。一切唯心照。我的母親年高96,不懂穴道也不看書,只很誠心的每天用各式的譚醫生音頻器,朋友還讚嘆我母親健步如飛呢( 當然她還拿著拐杖), 身體比以前好。