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Husband Share’s Tong Ren Experience in Wife’s Memoir

Our long-time friend, Ron Penczak is publishing a memoir for his wife, Rosalie. In his book, he shares his journey with Tong Ren. This piece was taken from the final chapter of Rosalie’s Memoir. I have been fortunate in that I, until recently, have not incurred any serious or debilitating illnesses during my life. However, for some time pain, movement, and discomfort issues had dogged me. Over the past several years, the Tong Ren Healing System has dramatically improved or eliminated these problems and played...

Dan’s Healing Journey: Healing Lymphoma and AML (Leukemia)

Dan is receiving Tong Ren treatments to help heal lymphoma and AML (Leukemia). Since beginning with Tong Ren, he has gone 9 weeks without getting transfused, which is a big record, given before he was having transfusions twice a week. After 15 months of not being able to play golf, he is now playing again and his game is very strong! Watch Dan share his story.

Tong Ren Video Testimonies

We’re excited to share recent video testimonies from some of our clients who have experienced positive healing from Tong Ren, accupuncture, and tui na massage. Please follow along as we continue to post testimonials to our YouTube page, Facebook page, and new Instagram page. If you would like to share your healing journey, please reach out to Yvonne Tam and we’ll work with you to capture your story. Below are recent testimonies. Dina’s Journey Healing Cancer Dina shares her cancer healing journey. Her doctor once...

Breathing Again. An Asthma Success Story.

I have been receiving treatments at the Collective Healing Center (CHC) since January 2018. My introduction to the CHC originated in June of 2017 in Magnolia where the Ayurveda Wellness Center offered a workshop on Tong Ren. Noel presented a most interesting demonstration of one of the components of the Tom Tam Healing System, known as Tong Ren. Without excessive detail I can tell you that my interaction with Noel that evening set the wheels in motion for a dramatic change in my overall health...

A Breath Of Fresh Air And A Chance To Avoid Chemo

My health started to decline about two years ago with no diagnosis except for my existing diagnosis of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). After losing a lot of weight and suffering from shortness of breath for an extended period of time, they finally decided to take my concerns seriously. They biopsied a large lymph node on my neck and diagnosed me with large B-cell lymphoma this past October 2018.

Although I was petrified, I started chemotherapy at the end of November. My first pet scan showed I was filled with cancer throughout my torso. I told Monica about the diagnosis and I started seeing her more consistently. I had chemo every three weeks and got pneumonia twice, which allowed me to get a break from chemo while Monica continued to work on me with Tong Ren, massage, and the laser and whatever other gadget she could try to assist in my healing.

Tong Ren Making Waves in Magnolia, MA

The wonderful folks at Ayurveda Wellness Healing in Magnolia, MA welcomed Tom to speak at their healing center, where he gave a brief introduction of Tong Ren and conducted a Guinea Pig class. Although it was a rainy Monday night, nearly 50 people gathered together in this peaceful space. Some attendees were familiar faces from the center, while others were first-timers with curious minds and open hearts. Some attendees were even longtime practitioners and patients who have been involved in the Tong Ren community for...

Tong Ren Italy Shares Success Stories

Below is an email from Angelo to Tom and other Tong Ren practitioners sharing recent success stories from Italy. Angelo is a Tong Ren practitioner and patient in the Quincy office and also the Italian liaison who visits the Italian Tong Ren group in Italy multiple times a year to share new machinery and research to the group. Hello Tom, et all! Friday the 12th, I was able to take a jump from my town to Florence to deliver the latest and greatest, but not...

Chuck Christian’s Path to Healing Prostate Cancer and Becoming a Tong Ren Practitioner

My name is Chuck Christian, I played football for the University of Michigan from 1977-81 Rose Bowl. After being exposed to the coaching of Bo Schembechler for 4 years, I believed that I could do anything. I felt invincible. Bo’s motto was, “Those who stay will be Champions.” I carried that mindset throughout my life and it helped me be successful. Almost 3 years ago, I faced a foe that was far more intimidating than an OSU linebacker. It was cancer.  My wife, a nursing...

Dear Tom. Thank You. Joyce.

Dear Tom.
Thank you for helping me become an improved version of myself. These last 15 months have been an amazing journey of healing and transformation. I experienced the spectrum of Tong Ren Therapy of acupuncture, Tui Na, general and anti-cancer healing classes, and the various ultrasound wave healing devices. I am learning more than I can say. I am feeling better than I thought possible. I am grateful to you and the Tong Ren community.