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New Book – Don Quixote’s Hammer by Hattie Bernstein

We’re excited to share a new book written by Hattie Bernstein that shares in her research, views and experiences with Tong Ren Healing. Hattie is a journalist who has written for newspapers in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, and Indiana. She has been a contributor to The Boston Globe, a freelancer for The New York Times, and was the recipient of the third national Media Award from the Research Society on Alcoholism. Her RSA acceptance speech was published in the clinical journal Alcoholism.

New Saturday Zoom Tong Ren Sessions at 10am ET

We’re excited to announce that a new Tong Ren Zoom session will be held weekly on Saturdays at 10am ET! This session will be led by Hardeep Mann. During this relaxing healing session, she will work on unblocking any blockages in your body that could be causing discomfort, illness, or disease. Examples include: anxiety, cancer, autoimmune, weight management, digestion, skin disorders, etc. Below are details to join the live zoom session. Please note that the password has changed. Zoom Tong Ren Session with Hardeep: When:...

Tom Tam Guest Speaks on ‘Discover Your Potential’

Tom Tam was a recent guest speaker on the podcast ‘Discover Your Potential,’ hosted by Cindy Gilman. Tom speaks about how he uses western and eastern philosophies to help heal the world. He explains how it’s important to receive diagnoses from doctors, but just because doctors can diagnose, that doesn’t necessarily mean they know how to successfully heal. The Tong Ren healing system focuses on healing the nervous system by unblocking blockages in the body to allow bioelectricity to flow correctly. Tom discusses how different...