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“ROSALIE’S FIGHT FOR LIFE” eBook by Ron Penczak is now available

Brighton Publishing LLC is pleased to announce the eBook release of “ROSALIE’S FIGHT FOR LIFE” from author Ron Penczak. “ROSALIE’S FIGHT FOR LIFE: A Memoir” is now available in eBook from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other leading eBook retailers nationwide. The print format is scheduled for a mid-summer 2022 release, and will be distributed by Ingram, the world’s largest wholesale book distributor, in addition to being available worldwide through the Espresso Book Machine Network. Synopsis: The day she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, Rosalie...

An interview with George Popovici

Angels Walking with US, hosted by George Popovici recently interviewed Tom Tam, Monica, and Julie to learn more about Tong Ren and the Tam Healing System.

Interview: Italian Doctor Integrates Tong Ren Into His Practice

Dr. Giovanni Cellerini recently appeared on a television interview in Italy. Over the past years, Dr. Cellerini has been practicing Tong Ren on his patients and spreading the word about Tong Ren’s healing powers across the country.   In his recent interview, Dr. Cellerini discusses how he has integrated Tong Ren into his practice. He starts by explaining how early on his medical career when he was studying anatomy and bones, he realized that it would be beneficial to study the nerves. He also goes...

Tong Ren Healing Podcasts

We have a new feature that was created by a community member, which shares our Tong Ren Healing broadcasts as podcasts. If you wish to listen to the class recordings, this is a great way to access them. Check out Tong Ren Podcasts at:

Tom Tam Appears on The Melissa Billie Clark Show

Tom Tam guest appeared on The Melissa Billie Clark Show. During this episode ‘How to Cope with Hope,” Tom explains how the Tong Ren Healing system works by focusing on unblocking the nerves. He goes on to explain how Tong Ren is used to treat patients all over the world with a multitude of conditions.  

Tong Ren Video Testimonies

We’re excited to share recent video testimonies from some of our clients who have experienced positive healing from Tong Ren, accupuncture, and tui na massage. Please follow along as we continue to post testimonials to our YouTube page, Facebook page, and new Instagram page. If you would like to share your healing journey, please reach out to Yvonne Tam and we’ll work with you to capture your story. Below are recent testimonies. Dina’s Journey Healing Cancer Dina shares her cancer healing journey. Her doctor once...

What’s The Point? – L5

This is a video tutorial on the Tong Ren Tapping point L5, which is medically known as lumbar vertebrae 5. This video will discuss how opening/tapping on this blockage point positively affects the body. The blockage theory and points are referenced in the “Tom Tam Healing System” by Tom Tam. About Sarah Niebank Sarah has been a Tong Ren Practitioner since 2015, which has led her to discover the inner healing energy that we all possess. Now she is focusing on sharing her experiences through...