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What’s the Point? GV 22- Part II

Thank you for joining me for another addition of What’s the Point?  I hope that these video’s are a help to you and look forward to hearing any feedback that you would like to share.  To be notified when a new video is added, please subscribe on the Youtube page that is connected with these video’s Thank you!

What’s the Point: GV 22

Welcome!  If you have further information about this weeks point or you have questions or comments, please use the comment section below.  Thank you for watching! To watch this and past editions of What’s the Point (on Youtube), copy and paste this link into your browser:    

What’s the Point? GB 13

Welcome to What’s the Point.  This week, we will explore GB 13 If you have a question or would like to contribute to this study, please use the comment area below the video. Thank you for watching!

What’s the Point? GV20

Welcome to What’s the Point?  In each weekly video, Deborah Bilo will discuss and explore an individual Tong Ren point.  These video’s will help you to learn and understand where each point is located on the body, the associated anatomy and physiology of the point, and where/how the point might be applied in the Tom Tam Healing System. If you would like to request that a particular point be featured in one of the weekly video’s or have any other questions about these videos,  please...

Today is a day of healing – Tong Ren Chakra Balancing Video

Tong Ren Chakra Balancing is an energy healing technique developed by Hayley Mermelstein to help balance and align the chakras. In this video, Hayley taps on each of the seven chakras, using the Tong Ren doll and hammer, to promote deeper healing and deeper balance. Here are some of the main chakra balancing affirmations from the video: Crown: Today is a day of healing. Today is a day of miracles. Today is a day of new opportunities. Today is a day of divine intervention. Today...

Cultivating Greater Self Love with Tong Ren Chakra Balancing

 I’ve been thinking a lot this week about the power of loving and forgiving ourselves. So often, we look to others for love, forgiveness, appreciation, and acceptance. What if instead of looking to others for these qualities we focused instead on giving them to ourselves? What if as we treated ourselves better, this impacted how others treated us? What if everyone out there is simply a mirror of how we treat ourselves? For this week focus on being kinder to yourself. Focus on forgiving yourself,...

Embracing the Learning Proces with TRCB

Hello Everyone and Welcome to TRCB Tuesday, This weeks TRCB healing video is on embracing the learning process. The earth is a school and we have come for growth, learning, enjoyment and service. Learning to accept our mistakes and grow from them, is a large part of why we are here. Culturally we are taught to identify with our behavior and thus when make a mistake we may consider ourselves to be bad. I have been taught to separate behavior from identity. We are spirit...

Opening to Recieve with Tong Ren Chakra Balancing

Hello Everyone and welcome to TRCB Tuesday. This weeks video is focused on opening to receive. Many of us were trained from a young age that it is better to give than to receive. I was taught by my teachers that it is better to give and to receive and that it is better to seek the balance. When we are in a deeper balance we are equally comfortable with both giving and receiving. Many of us unconsciously block receiving either because we feel we...