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Announcing the Friday morning Tong Ren Healing Class: Eyes, Emotions and Everything Else.

Welcome all newcomers to Tom Tam’s Healing System. Join us for our Tong Ren Healing Class called “Eyes, Emotions and Everything!” During this hour-long class, we will use Tong Ren Healing to treat all kinds of problems related to eyes, emotions and general physical ailments, (cancer, autoimmune, metabolic, etc.) This is a general healing class, so all are invited to participate and learn what we have experienced in our own healing–what Tom calls “the mainstream medicine of the future–now!” Our goal is to empower you. By experiencing Tong Ren Healing you will literally be learning how to heal yourselves–and others too! Come, join in building the international collective unconscious of the Tom Tam Healing System of Tong Ren.

Tuesday 8:30am – 9:30am EST
Friday 9:00am – 10:00am EST


Biographical info:
Hilary Bender, Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh, Th.D., Catholic University
Eleanor Marks, M.Ed, Harvard University, Ph.D. Boston University

Eleanor can be reached for scheduling phone treatments at

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110 Responses

  1. Fritz Kraai says:

    Requestng tapping for arthritic hips & Knees, type 2 diabetes, prostate cancer and fibromyalgia down backs of legs and bottoms of feet.

  2. Jeanneanne Jeanneanne says:

    GM thank you forbeing who you are and offering to share your gifts and talents. I am strill simply participating remotely and learning as m’gwithI am relatively new to Elenaors class..
    m’gwith need to go now. Jeanneanne

  3. Jeanneanne Jeanneanne says:

    GM thank you forbeing who you are and offering to share your gifts and talents. I am strill simply participating remotely and learning as I am relatively new to Elenaors class..

  4. HappyDaysAreHERE says:

    I’ve more Alabaman, Stacy has a request for neck, knees, feet painful. Positive report, after 2nd tong Ren her hips are still pain free

  5. HappyDaysAreHERE says:

    Please tap for long distance vision,TBI clearing , intuitive based decisions post hurricane on where to live, proceed for soul level directives.
    I’m staying with Rita in Alabama. She is a senior citizen. She requests L5, hips, TBI energy, memory, depression
    Thank You. Chi flowing

  6. HappyDaysAreHERE says:

    Good happy chi morning,Eleanor . Laughter abounds please tap for TBI, fear ,ligaments, muscles relaxing .stress of hurricane housing aftermath affecting me more than I want.

  7. HappyDaysAreHERE says:


  8. HappyDaysAreHERE says:

    Please tap for Scholiosis, TBI repercussions, barometric jumping around here in Florida, keeping other people’s fear out of myself

  9. HappyDaysAreHERE says:

    I’m celebrating Improvement! I could smell coffee being made today! That means deep in her brain healing. Thank you for continuing to tap.

  10. HappyDaysAreHERE says:

    Anyone they’re? TBI, vision accuity, skull bones corpus collasum in proper order. Gratitude, Eleanor

  11. Junejohnson Junejohnson says:

    Toes went from a bluish to flesh colored. Hurrah!!!

  12. HappyDaysAreHERE says:

    Please repeat tapping for clear eyes, physically and psychically for great life decisions, muscular relaxation, oxygenation, TBI gone, I think clearly energetically. Merci, Eleanor.

  13. HappyDaysAreHERE says:

    Do you read ping? My phone doesn’t let me do chat roll….. Please tap cranial bones being in correct shape post head injury, eyes relaxed, seeing strongly, easily, able to read a computer screen again without irritating TBI issues, large amounts of productive energy, clear thinking Merci, and hugs shared, Eleanor xo

  14. Good Morning Eleanor! Janice from Spaulding here. I had a fall last week that bruised my tailbone and still have some discomfort from that.Please also tap for balance, insomnia and fear. Thank you !

  15. Neiltongren Neiltongren says:

    Annasuya, having no luck with the live stream. Would love to be tapped for brain invaders. Thank you!

  16. HappyDaysAreHERE says:

    Please repeat yesterday’s requests. C1, Atlas, s.i. aligned, whole spine, eyes, cranial balance of skull, add sinuses breathing easy

  17. HappyDaysAreHERE says:

    Kreista adrenals, C1,Atlas,regular energy,

  18. HappyDaysAreHERE says:

    Can you read my pings? I can’t chat roll on phone.
    Very bad belly ache, adrenal??? TBI hormone balancing. Sharing great gratitude, Eleanor.Kreista

  19. HappyDaysAreHERE says:

    What I envision : S.i.joint easily moving because scar tissue removed ,goes back to healthy muscles ligaments

  20. HappyDaysAreHERE says:

    Mucho Gracias,Ansuia. Muscles relaxing .I can’t use chatroll on this phone… Are you seeing pingback notes? Adding skull in correct shape , strongly seeing self as whole healthy, vital, prosperous, easily allowing in finances in numerous ways,using my talents, universal Flow. The right appropriate people work with me . Occiput, Atlas moved easily, left ankle, right leg moves easily, My skull is balanced so craniospinal fluid flows balanced, easily follow intuitive guidance, easily allowing self to be who I know I can be.
    I am grateful to know you. Thanks for tapping for all of us.Kreista

  21. HappyDaysAreHERE says:

    And regrow tooth enamel, back molar. Use my talents fully today in loving service with strength. Kreista

  22. HappyDaysAreHERE says:

    Hi, Eleanor. Please continue endocrine strength, tomorrow, TBI clearing fully, emotional fortitude, joy, ability to fully relax amongst people

  23. HappyDaysAreHERE says:

    Thanks, Eleanor for making such a difference in my life endocrine system upstart, higher HGH, progesterone, testosterone, thyroid production, TBI symptoms eradicated, clear thinking is my envisioned Norm so I can get on with expressing my passions creatively in this beautiful world we reside. Kreista

  24. HappyDaysAreHERE says:

    A bajillion kajillion hugs of chi in return, Hilary!!!! Thank YOU for sharing your time. I am be to this… Thanks for mentioning his comment, no vitamins, no minerals, no dairy, just eat simply, accept chi. This is first time I had heard this

  25. HappyDaysAreHERE says:

    Regrow tooth enamel, healthy spine, clear thinking, healthy energy, clear breathing, reduction of ear wax, clear thinking so making wise decisions. Thank you, Kreista

  26. HappyDaysAreHERE says:

    Regrow tooth enamel

  27. HappyDaysAreHERE says:

    Please repeat tap for strengthening issues listed on June 23rd.i believe in thriving, healing thriving all the way…..

  28. HappyDaysAreHERE says:

    Thank You, Hillary and Eleanor. Please tap for Kris’s back molar, enamel erosion healed, for strong energy, TBI symptoms, brain produced hormones balanced, hi produced. Eye muscles , shoulder muscles supple, relaxed, able to concentrate, read for long periods, Adrenals strong

  29. HappyDaysAreHERE says:

    Thank You for tapping. No video or audio at the moment

  30. Pamela Rines says:

    Good morning Eleanor , I have moved to Florida and was wondering if you could tap for PTSD and my low back and for my woman beard what is that all about? Dec.9

  31. Linsi Linsi says:

    Please tap for Patrick Clark for eyesight improvement and emotion balancing.

  32. Tears are renewing… Never apologize for emotion 😉

  33. Kikikotzam Kikikotzam says:

    Please tap for Theo, inflammation in the brain and eyes and swallowing

  34. Hello Eleanor,
    This is Diane's friend from Thanksgiving.  Have painful shingles, hope you can help.  Thank you.  Deb

  35. MamaKK MamaKK says:

    I work with Joe and have been going to Charlestown sessions and went to Quincy this past MON. I have been diagnosed with breast cancer in the right breast and have a large lump in my armpit which I have not biopsied. I am starting to think maybe there is a little lump starting in the left armpit. I am raw vegan and otherwise have not done any other conventional treatment aside from the first breast biopsy. Thanks for your support!

  36. Karen Sulak Karen Sulak says:

    If you want to be tapped for by eleanore please put it in the this format. I do not want to give eleanores phone number out for all to see. I will call eleanore with your requests. Thanks. Karen tongren therapist from chicago. 

  37. Hello Eleanor and Hilary so good to see you both. thank you can feel the wonderful chi. Hugs too you cool


  38. SueM90 SueM90 says:

    HI Eleanor – Pls tap for Thyroid Eye Disease eye muscle swelling  steroid swelling, hypothyroidism, fluid retention.  Thanks!

  39. EcrMA EcrMA says:

    Hi Eleanor, pls tap for tears on both sides of right knee, as well as other deterioration, left si joint pain, ptsf & head injuries. TY so much, Esther

  40. chat box not up this morning. cheeky Hi again sound is soft hard to hear. have picture no chat box

  41. Eleanor and Hilary   OCT 04  – have had something like this happen when watching a class from Quincy – Eileen

  42. Karen Sulak Karen Sulak says:

    Hi it is karen from chicago. There is no chat box for eleanore and hilarys class.. Is anyone getting the chat box? Please let me know. Date is October 4 2013.

  43. Please tap for my daughter Maria Maydani whi has Cerebral Palsy and dystonia

  44. Hil Hil says:

    I thank  the collective unconscious of all of you for intensifying our chi in our collective work of healing.  I thank Tom for inspiring this great revolution in the medicine of healing.  I thank  Eleanor for introducing me to Tom thirteen years ago and for saving my life on more than one occasion, for her weekly, powerful healing, conducting our choir of healing and her  continuing encouragment in this great worldwide movement.     Hilary

  45. New Yorkers New Yorkers says:

    Please tap for the lump on my salivary gland and low blood pressure and low thyroid function.

    Bless you both, you are helping!


  46. Daniel Daniel says:

    Hope not too late please tap for right knee problem. felyt like it popped out and back in. Thanks

  47. Pauline Pauline says:

    I appreciate Hillary's input,especially re boundaries.I would rather that Elenor listen to him rather than jokingly dismiss him.

  48. BrerElton BrerElton says:

    Hi, Hilary and Eleanor,

    Are the posts I see in these chat boxes for posts to your class? Rather thick of me not to have figured that out before this. Lately, various things have been impeding my efforts to attend this class. You might possibly have noticed my frequent “absences.” (Funny what virtual reality can do to the language. Hmmmm.)

    Anyway, if for some reason I wind up missing the broadcast today (assuming you're there to read this), I'd appreciate your tapping for psoriasis/rosacea all over the head, especially the scalp and ears, as well as neck, chest and forearms. (Forearms, chest and face have been slowly improving.) I'll be asking my doctor Monday if the rosacea might not be one of those “rare“ side effects of levothyroxin, although it never caused a problem like that in all the years I've been taking it.

    My other two requests are for healthy teeth and gums, and (of course) low thyroid.

    Thanks so much, and I hope the snow forecast for today doesn't keep you from doing the class. Drive safely!


  49. Marcous Marcous says:

    Hi Hillary & Eleanor,

    Janet – Please tap for my eyes (Retinitus Pigmentosa). Also tap for the arthritis in my hands.

    Charlie – Please tap for my TBI, ADD, Sleep Apnea, restless legs, & high cholesteral.

    Merry Christmas & Much Gratitue!

  50. Marcous Marcous says:

    We are accumulating gratitude for the benefits we are enjoying from Eleanor, Hillary, and all the other participating folks who really make the chi flow so well here every Friday morning. Thank you all!

    Please tap for Janet's eyes (reversing the damaging effects of Retinitus Pigmentosa). and a rash on both forearms and seems to be spreading.

    Please tap for Charlie's TBI  (Tramatic brain injury, hearing loss in right middle ear, and chronic tinitus resulting from a car accident age 5) ; Attention Deficit Disorder, Restless Leg Syndrome, and Sleep Apnea.  I guess it all amounts to a thorough brain restoration!

    Please tap for Charlie's brother Richard who was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimers 7 years ago.

    William says hello and asks that you tap for his eyes as well.

  51. Fskirvin Fskirvin says:

    had a keratosis removed off my nose, please tap for healing , also need help with circulation and eyes detached retna and glacoma

  52. Marcous Marcous says:

    Charlie, Janet & William here.

    Janet – Please tap for her eyes (Retinitis Pigmentosa) and for her on coming cold.

    Charlie – Please tap for RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome), Sleep Apnea, TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder, High Cholesterol, & Over weight.

    William – Janet's retired Guiding Eyes Dog, night vision.

    Richard – Charlie's younger brother who has early onset Alzheimer's Disease.

    That's a tall order, but that's our story.  Belated Happy Thanksgiving wishes to everyone.

  53. Marcous Marcous says:

    Charlie, Janet & William here.

    Charlie after 2 accupuncture treatments it looks like there is significant lockage in the T7 area so please tap for that today.

    Janet please tap for retinitis pigmentosa.
    anxiety and arthritis

  54. Barbarak Barbarak says:

    please tap into my cataracts both eyes, and ongoing weepy right eye from sinus or allergy. thank you, barbara

  55. Wppspeacerep Wppspeacerep says:

    Glad to be a part of this community this morning

  56. SandyB SandyB says:

    This is Sandy bothmer, my first time at the on-line session.  I would love some tappig for glaucoma (left eye), reducing eye ressure in both eyes and loering my blood pressure related to anxiety.  Many thanks,


  57. Jackie Jackie says:

    Please tap for my cat who has a lump on his lower back to right of spine.

  58. says:

    hi anne. the class starts at 10am. at that time you can start the video. if you want to chat with them, you can type it into the chat box. there is no send button but you can press enter to send the message.

  59. Annehurley Annehurley says:

    I don't seem to know how to "participate in chat" I think I'm registered.
    Do I just keep this window open and the class will start? It's 10:05 and nothing is happening, but new postings keep popping up, but not mine. I don't know what buttons to click on or where to find them.

  60. Hi Hilary and Eleanor,

    Has Tong Ren ever healed glaucoma? I think I should be able to make good headway with the cataracts if I do more Tong Ren than I am doing.

    Thank you so much for these classes. I have on occasion felt better the next day, i.e., my eyes seemed better (that's the cataracts). Gretel

  61. Annehurley Annehurley says:

    I'm having a hard time figureing out how to use this site. I don't see a send button so I clicked save.????

  62. Annehurley Annehurley says:

    Hi, I just registered.  I've been going to live classes for a few months, but this is my first time on line. I hope I can master the logistics well enough to participate.  On line participation is all new to me.  My chief health concern is chronic fatigue syndrome.  Thanks.

  63. Daniel Daniel says:

    Please tap for sore knees and wife’s afib
    many thanks

  64. Joymarie Joymarie says:

    I would like to work on my anxiety.

  65. Howardhoward Howardhoward says:

    would like tapping to lower blood pressure

  66. Marcous Marcous says:

    Janet and Charlie Marcous here.

    Janet is recovering from a hysterectomy July 23rd, also please tap for retinitus pigmentosa.

    Charlie has restless leg syndrome, ADD, tramatic brain injury, and high cholesteral.

  67. Daniel Daniel says:

    please tap for pain in left knee and wife’s urinary tract infection


  68. Hello, My optic nerve is yellow not pink. I have slow-growing cataracts, worse in the right eye. Thanks for last week. I see the opthamologist next week.

  69. Marcous Marcous says:

    Hi Janet here please tap for RP anxiety and depression also Charlie for Restless Legs insomnia tBI Adhd

  70. Marcous Marcous says:

    janet has RP anxiety depression
    Charlie has RLS, ADHD, sleep problems

  71. Eleanor, I would appreciate it if you could tap for lung cancer, Barb Milne

  72. Barrymh2002 Barrymh2002 says:

    Want tapping for hypertensive retinopathy, frozen right shoulder, and weakened vocal cords. Thank you very much

  73. Please tap for cough/cold/flu thing going around. Thank you, Victoria

  74. I have severe optical nerve damage due to glaucom. Thanks.

  75. I have significant optical nerve damage due to glaucoma. Thanks.

  76. Mdelotto Mdelotto says:

    please tap for lower back and legs

  77. Patrice Patrice says:

    I have eye strain, tightness in my eye muscles and farsightedness-also Osteopenia.

  78. Daniel Daniel says:

    pleae help with pain in right hip thank you

  79. Linda w Linda w says:

    Please tap for sensitive stomach and high cholestoral thanks

  80. Maureen Maureen says:

    Could you please dear ones tap for lung, endometrial cancer and painful left low back (center low back, too) and anxiety.

  81. Andrew111 Andrew111 says:

    Hi, It is better to write requests in the chatroom, not under “Comments” ( The chatroom is the box directly above the word “Comments” )

  82. Daniel Daniel says:

    is taped coy pf your session effective ?

  83. Daniel Daniel says:

    is taped coy pf your session effective ?

  84. Bunny Bunny says:

    The chat box will not enable for me, so I cannot post. I am in desperate need of help for depression and suicidal thoughts. I was sent here because nothing else will work. Please tap for me if you can. Thank you.

  85. Andrew111 Andrew111 says:

    Hi, It is better to write requests in the chatroom, not under “Comments” ( The chatroom is the box directly above the word “Comments” )

  86. Wppspeacerep Wppspeacerep says:

    I can’t find a way to get into chat
    My request for help will not be read or answered
    I am in tears
    I also see that the tapping session is now off line
    This is my first attemt
    I wish this were a simpler process

  87. Daniel Daniel says:

    how do we get new points – are they on new dolls ?
    happy holldays to all

  88. Wppspeacerep Wppspeacerep says:

    Blessed to participate – thank you for this opportunity
    Please tap for fluid on left lung with pain
    Currently being evaluated to find cause
    Also, life time of depression and anxiety now with added PTSD
    Lost my stepfather last year, and my mother this past September
    Lots of stress in my life – nothing feels like its working
    Also inherited endocrine disorder on my birth father’s side – have benign tumors in pituitary, pancreas and parathyroids
    Osteoporosis, as well
    Thank you again
    Blessings to you and everyone in the Tong Ren community at this season of light

  89. Daniel Daniel says:

    will listening to a taped copy of your class be effective – thanks dan

  90. I dont know if you’ve been getting my comments during the ” Eyes and Emotions broadcast

  91. I dont know if you’ve been getting my comments during the ” Eyes and Emotions broadcast

  92. Please do more work for fatigued eyes and for blocked ears…thanks!

  93. Please do more work for fatigued eyes and for blocked ears…thanks!

  94. Marty Marty says:

    Please tap for depression and general anxiety. My husband died 9 years ago and I suspect unresolved grief as well. Thank you.

  95. Facilito Facilito says:

    Hi Dr Hilary and Eleonor. May God keep sending you lots of blessings. What a wonderful work. I am so very happy I found you.
    Please Tap for:
    Gerardo: PTSD and Parkinsons Disease.
    Maria: (me)Osteoporosis, Sciatica, Arthritis
    Buster: (my dog)He barks all day starting at 5 am, he is driving us mad!!!
    I will be joining you on Fridays!!! Buckets and buckets of blessings to you all!!!
    Big hugs all the way from sunny Costa Rica

  96. Brett Brett says:

    Please tap for me I Have found 2 new lumps in my upper inner left thigh related to aggressive non hodgkins lymphoma this morning along with 2 tumors on left shin and 1 on right testicle. Thank you.

  97. Brett Brett says:

    Please tap for me I Have found 2 new lumps in my upper inner left thigh related to aggressive non hodgkins lymphoma this morning along with 2 tumors on left shin and 1 on right testicle. Thank you.

  98. Marty Marty says:

    First time signing in. Not sure what I am doing. Have been dealing with depression for most of my life which has worsened after the loss of my husband 9 years ago.

  99. Greetings El and Hilary! Can you please tap for left side of neck(in knots), right side of back thru leg, and right knee; I’m really stiff. Thank you, Kathy

  100. Bbf Bbf says:

    please please help me lose weight

  101. Bbf Bbf says:

    please please help me lose weight

  102. Andrew111 Andrew111 says:

    * SLEEP APNEA, TMJ tightness
    * Autoimmune = LYME + neurologic component
    * Healing sciatica pain & arthritis pain, in the R leg (mostly R sacroiliac joint & R hip), neck, back, shoulders

  103. Embrum Embrum says:

    first time online – recent surgery to remove macula wrinkle in left eye – can you tap to help healing and clearing out all the drugs thank you

  104. Anusuya Anusuya says:

    She worked on Mangala last week along with her acupuncture/Tom just like you and she has been warm ever since after feeling chronically cold. Interesting.

  105. Mizmari41 Mizmari41 says:

    Hi Eleanor – Don’t know if I’m on. Met you yesterday at Tom’s.
    You must have opened something, because I am sweating!

  106. Tyc1000 Tyc1000 says:

    В зрелости на 18 – хорошо выглядеть, но не думать.
    Одной ложкой истины можно испортить целую бочку… правды.
    Образование – есть то, что остаётся после того, когда забывается всё, чему нас учили.
    Джентльмен – это мужчина, который никогда не ударит свою жену в присутствии леди.
    «Поле чудес» – это «Что, где, когда» для тупых.

  107. Anusuya Anusuya says:

    Mangala, Pat and I all on. Our usual please.

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