New Saturday Zoom Tong Ren Sessions at 10am ET

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  1. Doglover Doglover says:

    Please tap for my yorkie Benji for congestive heart failure and breathing issues, seriousThank you Jerry Denning

  2. Mya G Mya G says:

    I can’t get in here or Facebook

    Tickle bugs

  3. Ronbid Ronbid says:

    Hardeep is a real-life goddess—aging in reverse. Maybe all that tapping for others affects the ‘tapper’ as well. Whatever it is, you certainly go, girl!

  4. singpine57 singpine57 says:

    Good morning please tap for recent operation on broken left wrist, and pain in left arm and lower back for Singpine and anxiety, TMJ and neck/shoulder pain for Laura.

  5. Grateful Grateful says:

    Also, please tap for breast lumps, breast tenderness and breast cancer–thank you so much!

  6. Grateful Grateful says:

    Also locked out of meeting–thank you in advance for doing this!!!

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