New Saturday Zoom Tong Ren Sessions at 10am ET

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  1. 4306ren 4306ren says:

    could you please help with torn ligaments in right foot and any wellness assistance.

  2. Sharon M Sharon M says:

    please tap for ALS located in tongue, throat and neck area for now,, weak tongue muscle, left arm strain in upper back of arm, breathing, swallowing. low white blood count

  3. GarTor GarTor says:

    Google found “Don Quixote’s Hammer” in tongrenstore this morning!

  4. GarTor GarTor says:

    Please tap for my complex tears of the medial meniscus of both knees and insomnia. For Henry K.,(who called me from the hospital), slipped disc (T2/T3) & “Cape Cod Canal”(GV20 C1 C7 T4 L4 per Tom for CSF). Thank you very much

  5. lively603 lively603 says:

    Please tap for swollen right ankle and lack of feeling on lower right leg and and right ankle.

  6. juliao juliao says:

    unable to sign in using link CAn you please send another way or have it come up automatically like other helpers offer?!

  7. juliao juliao says:

    Please tap for vaginal/uterine bleeding lower back pain Thank you

  8. LeslieW LeslieW says:

    Please tap for me recovering from Covid- lungs and brain overall inflammation. For Wensley F severe anxiety.

  9. Myeka Myeka says:

    Good mornin. Please tap on left hip pain for injury, diabetes. thank you

  10. StacyTR StacyTR says:

    Please tap for multiple sclerosis, tinnitus, and receding gum line. Thank you.

  11. Elaine H. Elaine H. says:

    Good morning Hardeep,
    Can ‘t seem to find you on line today. If you are having a class, please tap for my right foot. It is not tendonitis. They think it is gout. After 10 days , I can put a little weight on my foot this morning. Having an MRI tomorrow to confirm diagnosis.
    Thank you

  12. Ronbid Ronbid says:

    Zoom system has locked me out of this meeting; says password “beaver” is incorrect…see you next week, maybe–Ron

    • Ronbid Ronbid says:

      Continuing to feel much better…but don’t you know it, Christmas Eve morning as I made breakfast I spied my wife feeding the squirrels out under the trees in our back yard, and as I turned my head to look at her my “back went out” in the same old place—deep beneath my left scapula. This is the first such time in about five (5) years, and I expect it to self-resolve in 1-2 days of moderate spasms and associated pain. I’ll avoid weight training until pain is gone for three (3) days. Missed Tong Ren session w. Hardeep Mann on Christmas morning. Hoping all are well, and looking forward to next Saturday morning healing session. Blessings to all!: missed you guys on Christmas. Love—Ronbid

  13. npregozen npregozen says:

    Hi Hardeep, I don’t know if you’re taking individual requests, but if so, could you please work on my enlarged prostate as well as a probably parathyroid (benign) tumor (which is probably on the right side)?

  14. AlisonD AlisonD says:

    Hi Hardeep, it is Alison. I miss seeing you. Happy about your new zoom classes. You go girl. 411Amazon donated 82.00 to OCI Healing. I just shop on and pick OCI Healing to donate to. It does not cost me any money and I get to donate to this great cause. Who wants to play?

  15. SusanMCarey SusanMCarey says:

    Hi, it’s susan carey, trying time log in but could you tap for vegus/phrenic, autoimmune support and strengthening muscles for me, heart, lungs, covid effects for david. Thank you!

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