New Saturday Zoom Tong Ren Sessions at 10am ET

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  1. Myeka Myeka says:

    Good mornin. Please tap on left hip pain for injury, diabetes. thank you

  2. StacyTR StacyTR says:

    Please tap for multiple sclerosis, tinnitus, and receding gum line. Thank you.

  3. Elaine H. Elaine H. says:

    Good morning Hardeep,
    Can ‘t seem to find you on line today. If you are having a class, please tap for my right foot. It is not tendonitis. They think it is gout. After 10 days , I can put a little weight on my foot this morning. Having an MRI tomorrow to confirm diagnosis.
    Thank you

  4. Ronbid Ronbid says:

    Zoom system has locked me out of this meeting; says password “beaver” is incorrect…see you next week, maybe–Ron

  5. Npregozen Npregozen says:

    Hi Hardeep, I don’t know if you’re taking individual requests, but if so, could you please work on my enlarged prostate as well as a probably parathyroid (benign) tumor (which is probably on the right side)?

  6. AlisonD AlisonD says:

    Hi Hardeep, it is Alison. I miss seeing you. Happy about your new zoom classes. You go girl. 411Amazon donated 82.00 to OCI Healing. I just shop on and pick OCI Healing to donate to. It does not cost me any money and I get to donate to this great cause. Who wants to play?

  7. SusanMCarey SusanMCarey says:

    Hi, it’s susan carey, trying time log in but could you tap for vegus/phrenic, autoimmune support and strengthening muscles for me, heart, lungs, covid effects for david. Thank you!

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