What’s the Point: GV 22

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  1. Please tap for Tracy Sheehan

  2. Crystal says:

    Loving this!!! I’m new at this (took a two day class) and this is like a mentor fine running us. Thank you so much!?

    I was in a class with Tom TAm and he did tap for good luck but I’m wondering what area do you tap for that — someone wanted luck with finding a job and he did it do you know what area you tap? Also pets I know you treat him like a human but what if you just want to do for overall health and how to do it and for plants. thank you !!!

    • PBTam PBTam says:

      Hi Crystal. Tom would say GV23 GB13 on the front top of the head for good luck. For pets, you can tap on the doll on the corresponding areas related to the pet’s condition. Overall health, start at the top of the head, to the temple, down the front of the chest, down to the legs and feet, then top of the head, down the back and to the feet.

  3. Lynn McKenna says:

    This is so incredibly informative, insightful, and helpful! (You offer the best description of the endocrine system I have ever heard!) GV22 has always felt like one of the “main switchboards” in terms of the points. Your explanation of its many dimensions and important functions is bringing the healing capacity of this point totally alive for me! I will be holding a richer understanding and appreciation for GV22 now as I am tapping. Thanks so much for creating this!!! Looking forward to part 2 🙂

    • Trinity Trinity says:

      Thank you so very much for this amazing feedback! Wow! I am so grateful that this series is a help to you and truly appreciate that you have taken the time and effort to share your thoughts. I love your description of GV 22 being like one of the “main switchboards” in terms of points! Totally agree!! Happy Tapping!!

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