Tong Ren Healing on NightSide WBZ 1030AM Boston – Monday June 26, 2017

We are very excited to announce an upcoming program discussing Tong Ren Healing on WBZ 1030AM in Boston. We have been invited to Dan Rhea’s program, NightSide and we will be live on air on Monday June 26, 2017 starting at 10:00pm until 11:00pm with a possibility of the show running until midnight. This will be our second appearance on the show and we are proud and honored to be invited back. Please join in the discussion in support of Tong Ren Healing. For those...

Testimony – 譚輝醫生與我

譚輝醫生與我 佛法是機緣。尋醫也是機緣。因果福報全在其中。 俗語說「醫生緣、病人福。」如果機緣不到,也踫不到好醫生。 福報不夠,即使神醫貴人在面前、也會錯身而過。 世事難料 ,千奇變化。福禍自取。苦空無常,心念一轉,常樂我淨。 塞翁失馬、豈知非福。我的一塲大病, 差點要了我的命,卻讓我有機會認識譚輝醫生 – 我的醫生,我的救命恩人,也是我的老師。 譚輝醫生的智慧口語: 「我们医治了⼈..我们医治了整个世界。」 譚醫生的夢想是發明一種波頻儀器,只要一按開關,就可治好病。這夢想已實現了一半,有不少癌症病人已受益。波頻儀器的聲波腦波及用意念、集體潛意識, 以腦波傳遞生物信號, 可引發患者自癒能力。治療方式也包括用物理治療方式,如針灸推拿來打開物理性的阻滯,及用聲納方式可以透過肌肉骨骼到針灸沒法透過的地方。他的銅人療法,又稱懶漢療法,A Lazy Bum’s Healing. 知道穴道最好,不知道也可以,完全在心念。一切唯心照。我的母親年高96,不懂穴道也不看書,只很誠心的每天用各式的譚醫生音頻器,朋友還讚嘆我母親健步如飛呢( 當然她還拿著拐杖), 身體比以前好。

Toni – Defying Medical Expectations

Imagine what it’s like to find out you have stage 4 endometrial and brain cancer with 12 tumors growing in your brain. Now imagine what it’s like when the medical professionals begin giving you pharmaceuticals and shooting radiation at your brain. Cancer is a scary thing to be diagnosed with. All I thought about was that I would not live long enough to see my grandson grow up and my oldest daughter has cerebral palsy, who would take care of her? In the back of...

Broadcast Interruptions

We are in the process of upgrading our broadcast system. This may lead to issues with the broadcasts. We are diligently working to improve our broadcasts. With the upgrade, broadcasts will be available on mobile devices. Thanks for your understanding and continuing support. TONGRENSTATION

2017 Energy Healing Symposium – May 2017

You won’t want to miss this weekend packed full of knowledge, healing and insights. High-Profile International Speakers Lecture Theatre and Demonstration Stage 3 Evening Lectures 12 Weekend Presentations 16 Weekend Hands-On Demonstrations Practitioner Area Exhibit Area Market Area Door Prizes Meet Energy Therapists In Your Community Atrium Exhibits & Classroom Demonstrations: Free Admission Main Theater Presentations: Full Weekend Access Pass: $97 | Evening Lectures: $25 Sat or Sun Day Pass: $60 | Individual Lecture Tickets: 1/$20 2/$30 3/$40 5/$60 6/$70 Weekend Virtual Pass – Live...

The Informant – an Italian magazine

From the Informant an Italian magazine with 3 million readers. Translated by: Lorenzo Cellerini. Tong Ren Italia. A NEW WAY FOR ACUPUNCTURE A method that integrates the Traditional Chinese Medicine with the Western Medicine. Looks like that pains, headaches and sciatica have short time to live, judging from tests coming from the Florence medical offices of doctor Giovanni Cellerini and Stefano Ferraro, that from few years are practicing a new technique of acupuncture called Tong Ren. “ It is an application “ explained the two...

New Tong Ren Healing Class – Stoneham, MA

Collective Healing Center 61 Main St. Stoneham, MA 02180 Wednesday: 10:00am – 11:00am Aimee Poirier Licensed Acupuncturist Noel Poirier Licensed Acupuncturist 781-729-0495

Tong Ren and Tui Na Training with Monica Calvo

This is a 2 day workshop that includes a discussion of the theory of Tong Ren Healing with a focus on the blockage theory as developed by Tom Tam. The focus of this course is to give you knowledge to help your family and friends with the techniques as used in Tom Tam’s method. We will have lots of hands on opportunities on how to find and release blockages in the body through the Tong Ren System using the elements of Tui Na, Cupping, and Gua-Sha. The class will include a PowerPoint presentation as well as handouts.
Students will have several opportunities to practice these techniques on each other.