New Healing Class in Berwick Maine

We are pleased to announce a new class in Berwick Maine which will be hosted weekly by a long time practitioner of our Tong Ren Community, Anusuya Quinn. Class will begin on May 29, 2019. Please join Anusuya for healing at:

Rooted in Flow
6 Sullivan Street
Berwick, Maine 03901
Wednesday 5:30-6:30 PM

Chuck Christian’s Path to Healing Prostate Cancer and Becoming a Tong Ren Practitioner

My name is Chuck Christian, I played football for the University of Michigan from 1977-81 Rose Bowl. After being exposed to the coaching of Bo Schembechler for 4 years, I believed that I could do anything. I felt invincible. Bo’s motto was, “Those who stay will be Champions.” I carried that mindset throughout my life and it helped me be successful. Almost 3 years ago, I faced a foe that was far more intimidating than an OSU linebacker. It was cancer.  My wife, a nursing...

Dear Tom. Thank You. Joyce.

Dear Tom.
Thank you for helping me become an improved version of myself. These last 15 months have been an amazing journey of healing and transformation. I experienced the spectrum of Tong Ren Therapy of acupuncture, Tui Na, general and anti-cancer healing classes, and the various ultrasound wave healing devices. I am learning more than I can say. I am feeling better than I thought possible. I am grateful to you and the Tong Ren community.

Tong Ren Quantum Healing with Tom Tam – Canal Winchester, Ohio (May 2019)

Live Seminar Information This is a 2-day course being taught by Tom Tam. The two day class will focus on the theory of Tong Ren, the different techniques and methodology of Tong Ren including ultrasound theory and healing modality, case studies and Tong Ren application to cases, and lots of Q+A for those who have questions about different cases. Also Tom will be discussing the new techniques and theories based on Quantum Healing. When: Saturday May 4, 2019 (10:00am to 4:00pm) Sunday May 5, 2019...

What’s The Point? – L2

This is a video tutorial on the Tong Ren Tapping point L2, which is medically known as lumbar vertebrae 2. This video will discuss how opening/tapping on this blockage point positively affects the body. The blockage theory and points are referenced in the “Tom Tam Healing System” by Tom Tam. About Sarah Niebank Sarah has been a Tong Ren Practitioner since 2015, which has led her to discover the inner healing energy that we all possess. Now she is focusing on sharing her experiences through...

Baby Rowan’s Path to Healing Pediatric Cancer

I first attended Tong Ren at the suggestion of the director of Lucy’s Love Bus — an organization that provides funding for complementary therapies for pediatric cancer patients. My son, Rowan, was diagnosed with intermediate risk neuroblastoma in July of 2018 and while he had a partial response to chemotherapy treatment and had had surgery to remove as much of the tumor as possible, there were still portions of the tumor left behind on his major blood vessels and in his spine. The plan was...

Tui Na – Hands on Therapy Introduction with Yvonne Tam (April 14, 2019)

We have an opportunity to learn Tui Na technique from Yvonne Tam, a Tui Na practitioner with over 15 years of experience from learning and working closely with Tom Tam . This course will be a one day course that will cover the basis of the Tom Tam Healing System and blockage theory with lots of hands on practice. We will be focusing on how to release blockages with the Tui Na technique. In this class, we will be working on the body that include...

Tong Ren Quantum Healing Seminar with Tom Tam – Recap

Last weekend, Tom held his Tong Ren Seminar attended by more than 50 people, both in person and online (thank you to Bell for equipping us with online broadcasting capabilities!). We had attendees and viewers from all over the country, from CA to FL, NY and CT, IL, GA, NC, Virgin Islands, France, and even one dedicated, budding young healer who drove all the way from Michigan! Now we may be missing a few attendees and locations, but you can keep counting more and more...