Tom Tam Appears on The Melissa Billie Clark Show

Tom Tam guest appeared on The Melissa Billie Clark Show. During this episode ‘How to Cope with Hope,” Tom explains how the Tong Ren Healing system works by focusing on unblocking the nerves. He goes on to explain how Tong Ren is used to treat patients all over the world with a multitude of conditions.  

In Loving Memory Of Our Dear Friend Craig

The Tong Ren community will come together to share our memories and pay tribute to Craig Holmes, who passed away on August 5th.   We are deeply saddened by Craig’s passing and invite those who knew Craig and were touched by him to come together, share memory, find some closure.

Tong Ren Gravitational Healing – Italian Translation and Presentation

Written by Angelo Susi. The latest book written by Tom is Tong Ren Gravitational Healing. The last printing was in July 2018 and by now many people throughout the world have read it, used it to learn the new healing ways and of course practice them. This is an introduction of the latest pieces of Tom’s work that has been translated in Italian by Tong Ren Italia.

October Tong Ren Seminar in Italy (10/16 – 10/18)

Join Doctors, Stefano Gibertoni, Barbara Moschetti, and Dr. Cellerini as they lead a basic course of energy rebalancing and self-healing, teaching the fundamentals of Tong Ren. The course is 3-days, taking place October 16, 17, and 18. The class will focus on the following: October 16 – 17: the theoretical foundations of Tong Ren and energy practice Two days led by Stefano Gibertoni and Barbara Moschetti. The two days of training allow students to understand the theoretical-practical foundations of Tong Ren, practice the energy technique...

Tom Tam Guest Speaks on ‘Discover Your Potential’

Tom Tam was a recent guest speaker on the podcast ‘Discover Your Potential,’ hosted by Cindy Gilman. Tom speaks about how he uses western and eastern philosophies to help heal the world. He explains how it’s important to receive diagnoses from doctors, but just because doctors can diagnose, that doesn’t necessarily mean they know how to successfully heal. The Tong Ren healing system focuses on healing the nervous system by unblocking blockages in the body to allow bioelectricity to flow correctly. Tom discusses how different...

Interview with Tom Tam September 2020

Physical Therapist and past patient, Dr. Evan Chait, from New Jersey interviews Tom Tam. Watch this interview where Tom provides information on his latest research and thinking related to Tong Ren healing.

Tong Ren Sessions Are Coming to Instagram Live: Mondays @ 6pm ET

We’re excited to annouce that Tong Ren is now on Instagram! Be sure to follow us at @tongrenstation. Mondays at 6pm, @tongrenstation will be going live, broadcasting a general Tong Ren healing session. All are welcome to attend and the sessions are completely free. During this relaxing healing session, we will work on unblocking any blockages in your body that could be causing discomfort, illness, or disease. Examples include: anxiety, cancer, autoimmune, weight management, digestion, skin disorders, etc. This session will be led by Yvonne...