Thank You All For Your Continued Support!

Thank you all for your support to the OCI Healing Research Foundation. We have raised $34,000 so far. The matching donation drive ends tomorrow so we still have time left for anyone who would like to make a contribution.

Thank You All For Your Continued Support!

Thank you to all the generous supporters that have donated money to the OCI Healing Research Foundation. We have reached $20,000 in donations and you are all the reason we continue doing our live healing sessions and online broadcasts. Next goal! $25,000.

Learning Opportunity – Tong Ren Basics Class With Aimee Poirier

This is an opportunity to find support in your practice of Tong Ren Healing at any level of experience. Our goal is to make the information clear, concise & conscientious. Maybe you want to deepen your practice to help yourself and others? Whatever healing goal it is, we are creating this class as a means of support for you. Our way to help you find your way, as you make a difference your life and the lives of others.

New Tong Ren Healing Broadcast – Monday 7:00pm (EST) with Craig Holmes andWyndee Egan

Live Tong Ren Healing class – Broadcasting from Magnolia on Monday nights at 7:00pm EST. This class is lead by Wyndee Egan. Please join us online for some healing energy.

The Tong Ren Monday weekly class in Ayurveda Wellness Healing in Gloucester MA and has become a regular part of our healing work repertoire, and we welcome new and regular participants. Currently (May 2020) classes are broadcast only due to COVID-19 requirements.

New Tong Ren Healing Broadcast – Thursdays 6:00pm (EST) with Joe Lucier

Joe will be hosting a Tong Ren Healing broadcast on Thursdays from 6:00pm – 7:00pm.

Please click the link below to join Joe on his website for his broadcast:

About Joe Lucier

Tui Na and Tong Ren (
– Licensed Medical Massage Therapist almost 20 years (AOBTA)
– Distance healing practitioner
Plant Based Nutrition and Herbal Medicine (
– Healing Whole Nutrient Dense Food and Herbal Strategy for optimal health

Tapping Points for COVID-19

Tom shares his thoughts and healing points related to COVID-19 in a recent YouTube interview. Please use the following COVID-19 tapping points: T1, T2, T3, T4, T7 to build immunity and stimulate T cells T6 for diaphragm Yiming for the parotid glands to produce saliva BL9 for the medulla, which controls heart, lungs, vessels BL6 to open sinus GV22 to calm anxiety and fear K26-27 for T cells, lungs, and airways K22 for the diaphragm LU1, LU2 and CV17 for lungs CV4, CV6 to fill...