Toni – Defying Medical Expectations

Imagine what it’s like to find out you have stage 4 endometrial and brain cancer with 12 tumors growing in your brain. Now imagine what it’s like when the medical professionals begin giving you pharmaceuticals and shooting radiation at your brain. Cancer is a scary thing to be diagnosed with. All I thought about was that I would not live long enough to see my grandson grow up and my oldest daughter has cerebral palsy, who would take care of her? In the back of...

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2017 Energy Healing Symposium – May 2017

You won’t want to miss this weekend packed full of knowledge, healing and insights. High-Profile International Speakers Lecture Theatre and Demonstration Stage 3 Evening Lectures 12 Weekend Presentations 16 Weekend Hands-On Demonstrations Practitioner Area Exhibit Area Market Area Door Prizes Meet Energy Therapists In Your Community Atrium Exhibits & Classroom Demonstrations: Free Admission Main Theater Presentations: Full Weekend Access Pass: $97 | Evening Lectures: $25 Sat or Sun Day Pass: $60 | Individual Lecture Tickets: 1/$20 2/$30 3/$40 5/$60 6/$70 Weekend Virtual Pass – Live...

The Informant – an Italian magazine

From the Informant an Italian magazine with 3 million readers. Translated by: Lorenzo Cellerini. Tong Ren Italia. A NEW WAY FOR ACUPUNCTURE A method that integrates the Traditional Chinese Medicine with the Western Medicine. Looks like that pains, headaches and sciatica have short time to live, judging from tests coming from the Florence medical offices of doctor Giovanni Cellerini and Stefano Ferraro, that from few years are practicing a new technique of acupuncture called Tong Ren. “ It is an application “ explained the two...

New Tong Ren Healing Class – Stoneham, MA

Collective Healing Center 61 Main St. Stoneham, MA 02180 Wednesday: 10:00am – 11:00am Aimee Poirier Licensed Acupuncturist Noel Poirier Licensed Acupuncturist 781-729-0495

Tong Ren and Tui Na Training with Monica Calvo

This is a 2 day workshop that includes a discussion of the theory of Tong Ren Healing with a focus on the blockage theory as developed by Tom Tam. The focus of this course is to give you knowledge to help your family and friends with the techniques as used in Tom Tam’s method. We will have lots of hands on opportunities on how to find and release blockages in the body through the Tong Ren System using the elements of Tui Na, Cupping, and Gua-Sha. The class will include a PowerPoint presentation as well as handouts.
Students will have several opportunities to practice these techniques on each other.

Massage Therapy and Tong Ren – 2 Days Training Workshop with Joseph Lucier

This course teaches the application and theory behind successfully treating conditions ranging from neuropathy to cancer, through an approach called The Tam Healing System. The primary goal of this medical massage and energy-healing system is to remove blockages which interfere with the proper functioning of the body. The location of blockages indicate which area(s) need to be treated. The course starts by focusing on fundamentals, taking a look at the causes of many diseases, an overview of anatomy and the points used for treatment. The...

Tong Ren Quantum Healing with Tom Tam – Quincy MA (March 2017)

Live Seminar Information This is a 2-day course being taught by Tom Tam. The two day class will focus on the theory of Tong Ren, the different techniques and methodology of Tong Ren including ultrasound theory and healing modality, case studies and Tong Ren application to cases, and lots of Q+A for those who have questions about different cases. Also Tom will be discussing the new techniques and theories based on Quantum Healing. When: Saturday March 18, 2017 (10:00am to 4:00pm) Sunday March 19, 2017...