Tong Ren Healing with Paul Mariani

Welcome to the broadcast of Paul Mariani and Joseph Lucier, Tong Ren Healing Specialists

Broadcast Schedule:
Thursday: 5:00pm – 6:00pm EST (General)

Paul Mariani
For reflexology, private Tong Ren Healing treatments and questions:

Joseph Lucier AOBTA
Tuina Medical Massage Therapy, Tong Ren Therapy and Nutrition Coaching

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12 Responses

  1. Agooding36 Agooding36 says:

    Why is this site not working on Tuesdays and Thursdays?? Both days display a sign saying that This Media is Offline!!! Bell – where are you??

  2. FloydLMassey FloydLMassey says:

    FloydLMassey: Praying for healing for my 7 year old son Floyd Ezekiel Massey who has an aggressive brain tumor ( ependymoma ) The dr.s have giving up on him.

  3. FritzKraai FritzKraai says:

    fritz – diabetes type 2, prostate cancer, arthritis of knees & hips

  4. Stephanie says:

    Hi, this is my first time here. I have soft tissue sarcoma throughout my abdomen. Have been receiving palliative chemo for nearly 2 years…

  5. Paul Mariani says:

    Thank you Everyone it was nice doing the class tonight Have a nice night

  6. Paul Mariani says:

    Thank You everyone it was fun doing the class tonight thank you

  7. HappyDaysAreHERE says:

    Feeling Really Good and Strong. Great improvement. Please tap TBI, brain hormones balanced, muscles appropriately relaxed

  8. HappyDaysAreHERE says:

    Please please tap for everything continuing as wonderfully as it is. I’m strong clear-headed energetic right now doing rend Tong often. I am grateful. Endocrine system brain function physical energy skin tone muscle relaxation clear breathing everything is working very well I’m very grateful to be reporting good news kreista

  9. HappyDaysAreHERE says:

    Thank you for taking for optimum brain functioning hgh, other hormone production, high cognition, clear thinking, muscles, ligaments adequately oxygenated

  10. Leibs3 Leibs3 says:

    For Susan’s dad, who will be joining in a few minutes: irregular heart rhythym; glaucoma; right hand tremor

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