Sunday Healing Requests with Karen

Karen will be tapping in the early morning hours each Sunday for anyone who wishes for distance healing. She will be taking any requests by email or you can leave a message in the chat box below.

SCHEDULE: Sunday mornings in the early AM from Chicago

For private sessions and consultations, please email Karen at:

Message from Karen:
Hello all. I will be starting up tapping on sunday morning around 5am central time. You can email your requests to or here in the chat box. Just send the 3 requests to my email. It is Thanks!

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13 Responses

  1. Renee' says:

    Please tap for excruciating bone pain due to prostate cancer with metastasis to ever bone. Left side of body worst.
    For my Dad- Walter Facen.
    Thank you

  2. Munsbuns Munsbuns says:

    Hi Karen. Please tap for my granddaughter, Amy, who is bed bound with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS). She is only 12 and has horrible pain from so many of her joints that dislocate (shoulder, knee, hip, etc). Thank you so much!!!

  3. Lisa says:

    Hello. Please tap for fertility support, clarity in decision making, will and mental/emotional balancing.

  4. Sharon Singer says:

    Hi Karen,

    I have ALS, I cannot walk without my rollator, and need to use a transport chair for long distances. I am asking for complete healing.
    Thank you!

  5. PaulJ PaulJ says:

    Please tap for my walled off appendix. Please tap I make the right choice about my appendix either keep or have surgery.

  6. HappyDaysAreHERE says:

    Hello, Karen thanks for tapping. Post brain injury, skull shape back to normal, happy, joyous heart, relaxed , oxygenated muscles

  7. Saira Bull says:

    Hi Karen
    My name is Saira Bull . Just Recently been diagnosed with angio sarcoma on my left breast and had to have mastectomy which has now gone in to my lymph nodes? Can you please tap for me . I have refused all the treatment they have offered me ( chemotherapy) doing all I can for my self by taking supplements and juicing.
    Thanking you in advance

  8. Beom56 Beom56 says:

    Please tap for me, my name is Nisa. I was told I have liver tumor which may be cancer. Thank you

  9. Vira67 Vira67 says:

    Hi Please tap for Depression ,need more confidence, and neuralgia over right eye and temple.

  10. Susette Susette says:

    Hi, I’m a post Brain injury patient who developed related conditions from Hypothalamus, Pituary, Adrenal Axis damage. Tong Ren has played a major role in resolving permanently of my many health problems since 1996 when I first received TX & took several classes from Tom Tam. Presently, I have Tongue Cancer with severe pain. Please send me healing to cure the Tongue Cancer, Pain & sores in my mouth, gums, palate, & possible cancer in the Esoph below the sphincter muscle. I’ve been working on myself & asked for prayers & healing & visualization of me cured permanently. Thank you for your help. In Gratitude & Light, Susette

  11. Karen Sulak Karen Sulak says:

    Hello all. I will be starting up tapping on sunday morning around 5am central time. You can email your requests to or here in the chat box. Please keep it to three (3) requests,. Thanks!

  12. Karen Sulak Karen Sulak says:

    Do you need tapping in the wee hours of the morning on sundays? I am here to tap for you. Please let me know what 3 requests you have and i will tap for you. No need to wake up just keep sleeping and i will do this for you. Just send the 3 requests to my email. It is I will be waiting!!

    • Vickyanne Vickyanne says:

      Hi Karen,It’s Victoria, finally got to signing up for your tapping! Last saw you in Quincy at the training, you lent me your belt for a few hours! Tom says you have lost 58 lbs! Congratulations. I had a small back slide but lost 5lbs this last week.Thank you for tapping! Love, vickyanne

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