Tong Ren Broadcast with Chad Dupuis

Our friend Chad Dupuis over at will be having healing broadcasts on Tuesdays.

6:30pm – 7:00pm (EST) – Qi Gong
8:05pm – 8:35pm (EST) – Tong Ren Healing

If you are in the Chattanooga area, you can join the class live at:

Yin Yang House
Acupuncture & Wellness Center
512 Tremont Street, Suite A

As a note, the chat system and log in is different from the one found on so if you would like to participate you will have to create an account at

Click here for Chad’s Tong Ren Healing Broadcast


19 Responses

  1. LB Thapa LB Thapa says:

    why am I not able to see tong ren healing of broadcast with Chad Dupuis

  2. chaseingrid chaseingrid says:

    And, if there is time for it, I have Hashimoto hypothyroidism with an enlarged right side. Thanks so much.

  3. chaseingrid chaseingrid says:

    If possible, please tap for my granddaughter’s speech delay. She needs assistance with receptive and expressive speech. Thank you.

  4. juliao juliao says:

    please tap for wherever the chi needs to go especially uterine polyps
    for my friend Mike enlarged prostate and arthritic left knee thanks

  5. Idara Idara says:

    Why is this class so difficult to join? Why so complex?

  6. dogwoodfarm dogwoodfarm says:

    Hi I am Philip Bloedow I am 52 years old living in Ottawa in Canada PLEASE help with macular degeneration, frequent urination and cold feet THANKS

  7. SeithBedard SeithBedard says:

    Please send energy to my father Charlie Bedard as he battles COVID

  8. agooding36 agooding36 says:

    Please tap for squamous cell carcinoma inside left cheek and right neck lymph gland and asceptic meningitis giving me pain in head, neck, and shoulders. Many thanks. Anne.

  9. balance balance says:

    Please tap to open C5 (pinched nerve), the right shoulder, arm, and hand (numbness. Tap to open and release the emotional block of energy caused by the stress of a divorce.

  10. Brightstar Brightstar says:

    Please tap for gist sarcoma that has been metastasizing in many areas of my body. My liver bone mesodermal si and colon. Thank you!

  11. FritzKraai FritzKraai says:

    Please tap for arthritic hips & Knees, type 2 diabetes, prostate cancer and fibromyalgia down backs of legs and on soles of feet.

  12. PaulJ PaulJ says:

    Please tap for me to have complete healing after having my appendix removed two weeks ago.

  13. PaulJ PaulJ says:

    Please tap for my walled off appendix, so it won’t cause any problems.

  14. jeanneanne jeanneanne says:

    Hello I tried to sign on on the ying yang site, but no luck. I will keep trying perhaps at another postin go this same class.

  15. PaulJ PaulJ says:

    Hi, Please tap for me. My appendix walled off, and would like you to tap it does not cause any problems. Please tap that Inget my energy back.

  16. PaulJ PaulJ says:

    Hi, please tap that my perforated appendix does not cause any problems. I still have the appendix, please tap it improves on its own.

  17. brylle brylle says:

    Thank you for sharing and for the update. Keep on posting. Thanks

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