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Tuesday: 10:00am – 10:30am EST (Reiki Tong Ren)
Friday: 10:00am – 10:30am EST (Reiki Tong Ren – Eyes and Emotions)
Sunday: 10:00am – 10:30am EST (Reiki Tong Ren)

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All requests welcome

About Sarah Niebank
Tong Ren came into my life in 2012. I had some issues with my spine and legs. I was told “if you don’t have surgery, you’ll end up in a wheelchair” by Western Medical Professionals, and I used to be one of them! The relaxation effect I experienced from Tong Ren contributed to my healing and today I walk up to 2 miles a day, have become a Certified Yoga Instructor, and ride my bike up to 13 miles a day. My back issues and pain are gone.

In 2013 I became an USUI Reiki Master/Teacher. I also received Certification in Chakra Balancing. In 2015 I became a Certified Tong Ren Practitioner and broadcasted thru Tong Ren Station for about 5 years.

I took a break for a while in the first few months of 2021. Now I’m grateful to be contributing to the Tong Ren community again.

Feel free to contact me for recorded Distance Reiki Tong Ren Treatments and individual treatment sessions over the phone.

Sarah Niebank
MS Counseling, BS Psychology, Radiology/CT Technologist retired

text: 812-560-3878

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35 Responses

  1. Dogwoodfarm Dogwoodfarm says:

    Hi: I am 52 years old living in Ottawa in Canada. PLEASE help with macular degeneration, frequent urination and cold feet. THANKS. Sincerely, Philip Bloedow

  2. JohnK JohnK says:

    Hi Sarah, please tap for type 1 diabetes, healthy kidneys and pain in left thigh. Tina: immune system, clear

    lungs and energy. Father John: spinal stenosis, neuropathy in legs and feet and strengthen left leg muscles. alexandra: type 2 diabetes, lower blood pressure and cholesterol. Sandy: cataracts in right eye and stress. (all with permission) Thank you!

  3. Cactus Cactus says:

    Right side breast cancer into nodes toward maybe under arm and spot on T5. Thanks grace -cactus

  4. Cactus Cactus says:

    Right side breast cancer; nodes toward under arm and spot on T5. Thanks, grace.cactus

  5. AlisonD AlisonD says:

    the tapping is so calming helping me get stay connected to my higher being. The chakra balancing has really been very helpful on my journey of life. I look forward to talking to you about custom yoga poses for my specific blockages that I am opening for me and Coco. Thank you Sarah.

  6. Baptist Baptist says:

    Could anyone post the fix to allow listening to the broadcast using Apple devices. Thank you.

  7. Agooding36 Agooding36 says:

    Never did get visual. The screen kept saying “Sorry ths meedia is offline.” But I did get the audio, heard tapping, heard someone read off the requests but not mine. Is there a software or hardware problem? I was logged in and I could see the request I put in. Might want to tell Bell about this.

  8. Suedecker Suedecker says:

    Thank you Sarah.
    Tom, and the rest of the family have help my husband with amazing full results for 18 yrs. now.
    Sue Decker

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