Tong Ren Healing – Tapping with Tom in Haverhill

Come join our live Tong Ren Healing class for general healing. This class is open to the public and we invite anyone who wishes to participate to come and join. Feel free to join our class to learn more about Tong Ren Healing Therapy. No experience is required and class is free, however, please consider a suggested $10 donation to help maintain the class space.

85 Essex St 2nd Floor
Haverhill MA 02831
Thursdays: 8:30am – 9:30am EST

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47 Responses

  1. HappyDaysAreHERE says:

    Skull bones in proper shape after head injury, some in alignment, clear eyes, muscles, fibro relaxed xiexie , Tom and others ✨✨Kreista

  2. HappyDaysAreHERE says:

    Kreista asking for spine alignment, s.i. joint, C1,Atlas aligned, thumb joints.
    Asking for clear thinking, energy, focus for living, balanced hormones in brain, belief in my complete healing. Hope to see you soon, Tom. I am looking forward to meeting you

  3. Joyologist1 Joyologist1 says:

    Please tap for a 25 yr old father of 3 who fell from a construction building 45ft last Friday, TBI, elbow, rib and pelvic fractures, collapsed lungs from TBI, possible pneumonia, infection , Thank you for tapping, Chris

  4. HappyDaysAreHERE says:

    I believe in the best of all possibilities for this day. Thank you for including me in the healing chi flow. Kreista

  5. HappyDaysAreHERE says:

    Good morning. Please include Kreista in heading chi Flow, clear thinking, energetic, decisive ptsd,TBI concussion abated, endocrine system functioning perfectly

  6. HappyDaysAreHERE says:

    Xiexie, Tom.TBI, healing ringing ears, you pituitary hypothalamic axis area, adrenal gland s , be able to concentrate, be productive

  7. Vincent says:

    Not sure what is happening with my prostate (gland). I think it is weak could you tap for me… thank you to tom & all

  8. Agnes B says:

    ringing in my ear and buss and RA breast cancer

  9. Richard Byrnes says:

    in large prostate had a Bio

  10. Beom56 Beom56 says:

    Hello. Please tap for me, I have recently been diagnosed with lesions on my liver. I have had many tests, and biopsy and Pet scan, but I will not know until later in next week what the outcome is. I am scared as this came on suddenly without warning.

    Thank You


  11. Mary-Ann Mary-Ann says:

    Good morning.  I am currently working on multiple myeloma, chest pains and arthritis in hips.  Thank you

  12. Mary-Ann Mary-Ann says:

    Good morning, If time permits, would appreciate tapping for muliple myeloma.  Thank you

  13. Wendyrk Wendyrk says:

    Please tap for brest cancer and recent broken shoulder, thank you, Wendy

  14. Wendyrk Wendyrk says:

    HI – recovering from brain surgery. I have breast cancer metastasized to brain and lungs. Feeling very fatigued. Thank you for tapping for me.

  15. Amylourn74 Amylourn74 says:

    its Amy Vaughan.  At home watching.  Bad night with side effects.  Neuropathy, GI distress and generalized pain.  Pancreatic cancer to liver and lungs. Thank you

  16. Sherri Sherri says:

    Good Morning,
    Could you please tap for my vertigo and also for the flu that I've had all week!

  17. Please tap for Ttype 2 diabetes.

  18. BeccaJo BeccaJo says:

    Please tap for fluid in left knee and chronic pain from Rheumatoid arthritis. Thank you.

  19. Stephen Yip Stephen Yip says:

    Hi, it is Stephen from Hong Kong, please tap for ALS, lung function, left shoulder pain and insomnia. Thank you.

  20. Gailwarren Gailwarren says:

    please tap for Hashimoto's thyroiditis, Reynauds, and depression.

  21. Jimemken Jimemken says:

    Please tap for sarcoma cancer in abdomin.  Thanks.

  22. Annamaria Annamaria says:

    is the class on today?

  23. Cowgirl Cowgirl says:

    please tap for pain on the medial side of ankle wrapping around and under the heel on the left foot

  24. Djudge Djudge says:

    Please tap for right breast cancer to lymph. Also for Abdominal pain from new meds

  25. Hi,Please tap for tumor on left kidney. Thank you.

  26. Lindarain Lindarain says:

    Please can you tap for uterine fibroid and pelvic floor nerve pain? TY!

  27. please tap for my husband Frank with stage IV cancer in right kidney, lungs, lower abdomen, and thoracic cavity. it helps him so much thank you

  28. Ang100 Ang100 says:

    Motor Cortex, Sensory Cortex, Association Cortex and Visual Cortex all do not work.

  29. Rtmeuse Rtmeuse says:

    Hi, it’s Roxanne! Could you tap for ulcerative colitis?

  30. Maureen Maureen says:

    Please tap for me. thank You

  31. The video is labeled 7/21 but it is a rehash of 7/20 and miscellaneous classes lumped together that I have already seen. I wish it were easier to navigate to a particular class you wished to view.

  32. Hi….I just participated this last hour in my first Live Broadcast and was very moved by the care and compassion. I am new to Tong Ren. I have done some private sessions with Rick Kuethe and Sandra Scheiffer and am very appreciative of the quality of their work.

    About 2 months ago I went to see a specialist to have my throat looked at because I was noticing a loss of range in my voice…the upper register has diminished a LOT . The Dr. first had a peek in my ears , asked me if I swam a lot in cold water, and announced that I would have to have hearing aids in a year if I didnt get a surgical procedure done. ( this prognosis astounded me as I wasnt even in there for my ears or hearing! )He then referred me to another specialist friend of his who looks after this issue by going into the outer ear canal with a 1/4 inch chisel and chisels out the extra bone growth, which apparently the body grows to protect the ear canal from cold wind and water. This ” condition ” happens a lot to long time kayakers who are doing the Eskimo Roll in cold rivers….also can become a problem for wind surfers, thus the name ” Surfer’s Ear ” I am most deinitely NOT interested in this surgical procedure. I have confidence that Tong Ren and Acupuncture are the means to deal with clearing my ears.
    I wonder if any of you there have dealt with this ” syndrome”..has Tom had experience with this?Do you ever have Live Broadcast EAR sessions?

    Looking forward to hearing from you……Kaaren Soby ( Smithers, BC…way up there near Alaska )

  33. Khale Khale says:

    Kristen is in the hospital & they have discovered a tumor in her brain. Please pray for her!!!!

    • Heather R. says:

      Hi, I know its been many yrs since your post but I”m just reading it for the 1st time so hope you dont mind me asking if your friend/relative Kristen ended up being ok? I really hope so!!

  34. Curlilock6 Curlilock6 says:

    Good morning. I’ve been sick with terrible sinus pressure, upper respiratory cough and fever since Sunday. Feeling much better today, but want it to stay that way : )
    Also would like to be treated for anxiety and depression please.
    Thank you

  35. Judyhowes Judyhowes says:

    please tap for breast cancer, black lung disease and digestive system
    thankyou, Judy

  36. Mizmari41 Mizmari41 says:

    Good morning – welcome home, Tom! I’m not getting dialog

  37. Zeina68 Zeina68 says:

    Good Morning. A friend of mine is attending Tong Ren groups in CT and said it really helps her. My husband is suffering from a lazy right eye and double vision. His name is Nazir El-Abidin. Would you kindly tap for him? I have been told that the issue is along the gallbladder meridian. I have been sending energy there, but I am positive your healings will also help him immensely. Thanks so much.

    Universal Love to You and Everyone tuned in.


    ps. I just donated to this very good cause. Please help :)!!!

  38. today at the 5pm class the chat wasn’t working for me. it said that i was the only person on line and you couldn’t read waht i wrote.
    thanks a lot
    cristina Echavarria

  39. Mizmari41 Mizmari41 says:

    Hi Suya – we’re on. Sis is sitting next to me on her computer. She will register later. She felt general warmth last evening when she listened to Tom’s cd with most on her left side, particularly left shoulder. Please have Laura tap for nueropathy, spinal stenosis and fibromyalgia.

  40. i can’t get on chat line, to leave a message to be tapped for… I am logged in.
    thank you Elizabeth

  41. Maryc Maryc says:

    New to this format, thanks to all for your patience! Please tap for large, painful vaginal & vulvar tumor. Also need tapping for childhood verbal, physical, & sexual abuse & sexual assault in 2001. Had difficulty with video Thurs, and made request late in the session Mon, when it had nearly ended. Thank you, Tom & all!

  42. Kobes Kobes says:

    GoodMorning, could you please tap for a C5 C6 bulging disc and associated left shoulder pain. Also, vision issues. Thanks Kathleen

  43. Pamelamount Pamelamount says:

    I got the live broadcast earlier this week–now there isn’t even a black screen, only the donation box! I already donated.
    Plus, I can’t get on the chatline.

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