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162 Responses

  1. VRob VRob says:

    please tap for the flu. chills, sinus, cough, muscle aches. thanks-Valerie

  2. Victoria says:

    Please tap for matabolizm and aortic stenosis. Thank you!

  3. Kazi Toure says:

    Kazi, again, i forgot to Thank you very much. peace

  4. Kazi Toure says:

    This is Kazi, would you please tap for liver, and c5 c6 c7…spinal stynosis?

  5. Rita says:

    Please tap for my mom Veyona . Her breast cancer mestastized to bone and she is having anxiety. Please tap for her brain to be clear and positive and cancer to leave her body

  6. Gladys Swan says:

    eyes: l. glaucoma r. stroke to retina; blindness; neuropathy: feet. hands, face, teeth, legs, shoulder insomnia

  7. Jerpurdy Jerpurdy says:

    Please tap for left side of neck – neck is stiff – can’t bend to right

  8. TraceyMS says:

    Hi! One week post left femeral neck break and surgical repair. Please send healing energy for hip, connective tissue, detox after surgery, brain fog and immune health.

  9. mark jacovitte says:

    this is Mark from Maryland, i have prostate cancer that is in the bones, please tap for me . thank you

  10. HappyDaysAreHERE says:

    TBI, clear thinking, brain hormones balanced, intuition for right decisions

  11. mark jacovitte says:

    Hi, my name is Mark , I have visited and been treated twice, the last time last Wednesday. I( have prostate cancer that is in my bones , Please tap for me in the group healing.

  12. HappyDaysAreHERE says:

    Please tap on C1, Atlas. It needs to be aligned to the right. It’s twisted.
    Good news to report. Really happy, dealing with stress better.
    TBI , skull needs re shaping back to normal…. Hormones in option level again.
    I am grateful

  13. HappyDaysAreHERE says:

    I am very grateful for your help, took. I’m already feeling benefits with my hormones balancing Kreista

  14. HappyDaysAreHERE says:

    Please repeat hypo thalalmic healing tbi. Lower back twisted, C1, Atlas wants alignment

  15. HappyDaysAreHERE says:

    Sounds like Tom wants a label. Hypothalamic axis damage, hormones need raising because of swelling of brain pushed on pituitary,hypothalmis ,etc Ni hao means hello in Mandarin. Xie xie means thank you.i lived in Beijing

  16. HappyDaysAreHERE says:

    I’m in Florida. I am still dealing with TBI effects…was talking about how I wish outcome to be. Kreista

  17. HappyDaysAreHERE says:

    Ni hao Tom. Qing tap for recent request. See myself fully healthy, no issues from TBI, clear thinking, energetic laughing making jokes, dancing air travel, everything I do when strong. No tinnitus, happy, enthusiastic, eyes easily see far again, read easily again because all of my channels stay open. No need for pills, shots. Chi does it all

  18. HappyDaysAreHERE says:

    Xie tapping for endocrine balancing after multiple TBI, coma, raising energy up, fitness, ability to read computer screens without headaches, correcting oversensitivity to emf, chemical s, certain foods, tree, pollen, grass allergies
    Started reacting to normal nature after concussions, coma. Want to believe in self to be useful and heal fully. Xie, Tom. Kris

  19. Edith says:

    How do I login in for tapping.
    My husband has acute kidney failure as well as metastatic liposarcoma please tap for healing

  20. HappyDaysAreHERE says:

    Xie for aligned spine, C1, Atlas aligned, clear headed, thinking, can read easily again, high energy again, trusting my body to be able to be stable energetic, thinking clearly, no longer overly empathic

  21. Saira Bull says:

    I was diagnosed with breast cancer 6 years ago . Had lumpectomy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. My cancer has now come back as angio sarcoma which was caused by radiotherapy. Had to have mastectomy , and been told it has gone into my lymph nodes , have now been advised to have chemotherapy. Can you please tap for me . Thank you Saira Bull

  22. HappyDaysAreHERE says:

    Enjoy spine being in full align, Atlas C1 strong

  23. HappyDaysAreHERE says:

    Ni hao ,Tom. Please tell on knowing what to do for TBI best healing so don’t need outside stuff to do what brain can do on own. Clear thinking, pituitary producing, clear breathing, able to use my talents because I now have energy, clear thinking, can read many pages without pain (I am stating what I envision, want)

  24. HappyDaysAreHERE says:

    Clear breathing, easy breathing

  25. Kreista says:

    Good day, Tom. Please tap for hypothalamic brain injury… Many hormones taken to replace what brain swelling stopped producing. HGH,thyroid, testosterone, progesterone and ptsd, emotional healing. Xie xie for your service.

  26. Joyfullmarte Joyfullmarte says:

    Hello, wish I could be there in person. Would you please tap for arthritis, high cholesterol & digestion.
    Thank you. Blessings to All, Marte

  27. Pam700 Pam700 says:

    Please tap for sarcoma

  28. Quymai37 Quymai37 says:

    plz tap for lung cancer,brain tumor,diabetes 2, loosing voice,tremor hands, legs feeling weak thankyou very much

  29. Quymai37 Quymai37 says:

    plz tap for lung cancer,brain tumors,tremorhands,diabetes 2,hyperthyroid,feeling weak when standing up,need more energy.Thank you very much

  30. Deb Comen says:

    Just saying “hi”. Wish I was there tonight.

  31. Quymai37 Quymai37 says:

    plz tap lung cancer,brain tumor,tremor hands,diabetes 2,hyperthyroid,weak when standing up,weak unsteady legs, need energy

  32. Quymai37 Quymai37 says:

    plz tapfor lung cancer,brain tumors

  33. Grazyna Grazyna says:

    please tap for enlarged swollen and hard left cervical node, and possible lymphoma, thank u

  34. Tonisvision Tonisvision says:

    Hi Everyone, I had my hysterectomy on Friday the 8th. 2 days before I had an MRI, and I found out that my brain tumors are shrinking and/or disappearing. I had endomentrial cancer, but they took it all out. They biopsied my liver and one lymph node when doing the surgery, so I'm waiting for the results. But the good news I wanted to share is the brain tumors!  Thank you to the healing center for helping me. I feel confident that my cancer is leaving my body, and if I have it in my liver or lymph node, I will continue to come to the center for healing. I won't do chemotherapy.

    Thank you… please do tong wren for liver/lymph and brain tumors. 

  35. Pam700 Pam700 says:

    Please tap for me for sarcoma prevention.

  36. LauraFoley LauraFoley says:

    can you please tap for Tyroid Cancer. Thank you!

  37. Hraducan Hraducan says:

    Please tab for thymic carcinoma ( cancer of the thimus gland).

    thank you

  38. 12green 12green says:

    I would appreciate it if you could tap for left hip fracture of the femur and acetabulum. Thank you so much.

  39. JulieAP22 JulieAP22 says:

    Please tap for my 5 year old son who is ADHD and has emotional instability.

  40. Relax123 Relax123 says:

    I would appreciate if you could please tap for bladder/prostate cancer, urinary tract/kidney infection, incontinence. Thank you so very much.

  41. Susan I Susan I says:

    Husband Joe just had nerve biopsy done on left foot. Please ask for quick healing and that there is nothing wrong neurologicaly

  42. would like info on head sets cost and use. also would like a phone appt /cost and good time on your end

  43. Jrjohnsonnm Jrjohnsonnm says:

    please tap for my voice – thanks

  44. Amcenelly Amcenelly says:

    Please tap for ovarian cancer and anxiety I am waiting for results of CT scan Thank you Ann Marie

  45. Jesse322 Jesse322 says:

    Hi Everyone,
    Would you kindly tap for Jesse's liver function as it is elevated and we need it to stabilize to continue with treatment.  Jesse has a tumor on his spine (T11) and his right hip.  Please tap to heal these spots.  We are isolated due to a virus treatments so we are tapping from home nightly.
    Jesse's Dad,

  46. Anneke Anneke says:

    Headaches and migraines from distortion intervertebral damage neck c2 c3

    thank you

  47. Anneke Anneke says:

    Please tap for cervicogenic headaches and distortion of intervertebral discs C2 C3

    Thank you, Anneke

  48. Claudo Claudo says:

    I still use the SUV daily. I am weaker now but have hope. Thank you Tom

    claude Fontaine 

  49. Anneke Anneke says:

    Please tap for cevicogenix headaches, migraines and intervertebral distortion

    Thank you!!

  50. Tricia4444 Tricia4444 says:

    please tap for Crohns, bile salt disease, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, broken hip, constant pain, serotonin syndrome, anxiety, depression. thank you

  51. Anneke Anneke says:

    Dear Tom,

    For the first time I have attended one session on the internet (last Monday) for cervicogenic headaches and migraines, wearing of the vertebra's in my neck and flat intervertebral discs, and the reaction was being very cold for hours and being angry. Is that possible?
    Please tap today for wearing of vertebra in neck, headaches and migraines…. and maybe anger?
    Thank you! Anneke

  52. Jai Michael Jai Michael says:

    Thank you for your tapping last Monday. I have received noticable improvement. However, it seems to be a rather ongoing thing so I am putting in another request for other tapping sessions including next monday for tapping to free me from drug addiction and withdrawal symptoms (Ketamine HCL injected IM.) Thank you so much. Gratitude.

    Jai Michael

  53. Jai Michael Jai Michael says:

    Please tap so I can overcome drug addiction and the withdrawal symptoms. Thank you.

  54. Claudo Claudo says:

    Please tap for my ALS. I use the S.U.V.  Daily.
    claude fFontaine 

  55. Algail Algail says:

    Would you be so kind to  please tap – treat for Post Herpatic Neuralgia severe Pain in the Intercostal region.
    Thank you

  56. Gailwarren Gailwarren says:

    please tap for Hashimoto's, Reynaud's, depression

  57. Wppspeacerep Wppspeacerep says:

    Confused about this
    Never been asked to do this
    So, I guess all I want to say is THANK YOU

  58. Marianna Marianna says:

    Good evening to you.
    I attended last Monday's session, where I'd asked for healing of a broken molar.
    I am happy to report what had been left of the tooth has begun to grow back, and would appreciate a little more taping so that the missing pieces continue to fill in.
    Also, if not too greedy of me, may I ask for healing of thinning hair, on the scalp and the eyebrows?
    Thank you so very much for your help, for being there.

  59. BrerElton BrerElton says:

    What would be good points to tap for liver health?

    Just for my information. Thanks!

  60. ErrisMM ErrisMM says:

    anal cancer stage 2 and emotions Thankyou,blessings

  61. Gailwarren Gailwarren says:

    please tap for Hashimoto's thyroiditis, blood circulation, and Reynaud's syndrome

  62. Smd108 Smd108 says:

    For Sept. 19th tapping with Tom, please focus on healing my kidneys (infection and strain), the entire urinary tract (inflammation), and my prostate (enlarged and inflamed). 

    Thank you. 

  63. Gailwarren Gailwarren says:

    please tap for Hashimotos thyroiditis, depression , and Reynaud's syndrome

  64. Michael.chan Michael.chan says:

    please tap for shoulder and wrist pain

  65. Gailwarren Gailwarren says:

    I am a first timer too. Please tap for hashimotos thyroid.

  66. Macblue Macblue says:

    first time in class, have heard so many wonderful things so am here with open heart and open mind

  67. D_Tree D_Tree says:

    Hi! Please tap for sciatica on the right side and headaches. Thanks.

  68. Flintranney Flintranney says:

    Please tap for stage IV metatastic cancer, tumors in abdomen, lungs, lymph system.

  69. BeccaJo BeccaJo says:

    Fatigue from Rheumatoid arthritis. And My 1 yr old Grandson Quentin has a low grade fever.

  70. Megandew Megandew says:

    Infertility and headaches

  71. KAnNeal KAnNeal says:

    Herpes Simplex Virus-1, nervous system @base of spine, Diabetes Type I, weight loss..

  72. Annamaria Annamaria says:

    please tap for me I have been in severe pain with migrine headaches for the past 2 days thank you very much.

  73. thank you very much!!!!!

  74. Barrymh2002 Barrymh2002 says:

    Need tapping for hypertensive retinopathy, frozen right shoulder, and weakened vocal cords. Thank you very much.

  75. please give a tap for Frank–his bus has been waylaid by the chemo treatment last Thursday.

  76. Awuertz Awuertz says:

    Please tap for colon and liver tumors

  77. Jimmoccia Jimmoccia says:

    Hi Tom it’s Jim from Wakefield could you tap for my voice and balance issues due to my PSP. Thanks

  78. Nhkathy Nhkathy says:

    this is the wrong place for comments, use the chat box 🙂

  79. Annamaria Annamaria says:

    hi tom,i took myself off the medication for fibromyalgia and naw i’m experience pain allover my body , please tap for me ,thank you.

  80. please tap for your Burlington, ma Frank

  81. please tap for Frank…stage 4 cancer of kidney, lungs, stomach. ouch points in lower stomach

  82. Annamaria Annamaria says:

    words are being chopped,thanks.

  83. Annamaria Annamaria says:

    hi everyone ,please tap for me ,thank you.

  84. Kathyk Kathyk says:

    Anyone able to get any Tong Ren on the Justin.TV app on iphone or ipad? How did youdo it. I bough the app but the search does not come up with Tobg Ren or Tom

  85. Jemken Jemken says:

    Jim in Westford MA – Please tap for sarcoma cancer in abdomen, bleeding in intestines, anemia with low red blood cell count. Thanks.

  86. Jemken Jemken says:

    Hello from Westford MA – Please tap for sarcoma cancer in abdomin, bleeding in intestines, anemia with low red blood cell count. Thanks.

  87. Ang100 Ang100 says:

    Please tap on cortex (top of brain) for my mom. It has completely stopped working.

  88. ButchM ButchM says:

    Butch from Florida, Please tap for Kidney Cancer.

  89. Whaleeye Whaleeye says:

    receiving, not tapping. Too ill. Thank you.
    lynne from Topsfield

  90. Barb from PA Barb from PA says:

    Please tap for pancreatic cancer to lungs. Fluid oh left lung and compresed left lung. Thank you.

  91. GIST GIST says:

    why don’t they ever acknowledge a request at the end. they never acknowledge gastro int3estinal sarcoma.

  92. Hi Tom. I got your information from Nellie and Anthony from Toronto. Nellie strongly recomended you to me. I desperately need your help. I have been trying all kind of non-traditional treatments for the Hep B I am suffuring from for years. Could you please tap for Hepatits B (genotype D). Thank you very much Marry Christmas and Good Bless You.

  93. Would like tapping for muscle spasm in back of head and rest leg syndrome thanks

  94. GIST GIST says:

    are they broadcasting tonight?

  95. Annamaria Annamaria says:

    Hi Tom i’m feeling better 80 percent since friday treatment but, still another 20 percent pain in my left foot-please tap tap thank you.

  96. Zhanglihua Zhanglihua says:

    I have severe RA. It is affecting most of the small joints and C1 C2. I am in pain all day long. Help.

  97. Peppermode Peppermode says:

    My girlfriend has neck and shoulder pain and I have been a little dizzy and sometimes I get pain in my arms and leg area

  98. Tara Tara says:

    For some reason, when I hit “enter,” my post won’t show up in the queue. It just stays in the text box. Please tap for anger issues, an inability to channel energy, and a self-sabotage mentality. Thanks.

  99. Draupadi Draupadi says:

    Can you please tap for breast cancer in both breast.
    I thank you

  100. Tricia4444 Tricia4444 says:

    please tap for Crohns, bile salt disease, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, broken hip, constant pain, serotonin syndrome, anxiety, depression. thank you

  101. Hello – I have the flu. Would you mind tapping for me please?

  102. Annamaria Annamaria says:

    please tap for pain on my left foot, thank you.

  103. Sweets Sweets says:

    Please tap for ongoing issues with atlas and axis subluxation. Thank you.

  104. Lindao Lindao says:

    Hi. Would really appreciate tapping for detoxing from chemo and depressed liver functioning. Thanks for everything you do

  105. Laura H Laura H says:

    Hi – Please tap for melanoma, tumor right side of face. Thank you.

  106. Hi I am Lauren Foster and attend the Monday 5pm class. I am trying on line for the first time!

  107. Fionakate Fionakate says:

    I am trying to quit smoking

  108. Djembe15 Djembe15 says:

    Many blessings to you all. Please tap for Rogers left knee

  109. Erikalee Erikalee says:

    My father Eric is here on my couch in tons of pain from a pinched sciatic nerve. Can you please tap for him? Thank you!!!

  110. Enevel Enevel says:

    Please tap for severe atrial cardiac arrhythmias and the anxiety that goes with it . Thank you very much

  111. Omaui Omaui says:

    Please Tap for my mother who is filled with cancer and only weighs 69lbs. The cancer stems from her stomach. I want her to feel more comfort.

  112. Beccafelds Beccafelds says:

    please also tap for inner ear ache…right side, thank you!

  113. Beccafelds Beccafelds says:

    back in California, miss being at your class, but this is the next best thing! say hi to my dad, milton, who i see sitting there today!


  114. Judyhowes Judyhowes says:

    Tom was telling about my good news of no evidence. I want him to know I refused the radiation when I went to the doctor today after seeing Tom yesterday I feel I don’t need radiation if I continue with Tongren/Tom & Amy and Hormone therapy involving medication. I feel a great relief. Please know I appreciate your continuing to tap for me for breast health and black lung disease. Thank you!

  115. Judyhowes Judyhowes says:

    Thank you for tapping for me!

  116. Judyhowes Judyhowes says:

    I appreciate your tapping for me tonight; thankyou!

  117. Judyhowes Judyhowes says:

    Good afternoon! I have had great reports – no evidence of breast carcinoma
    in recent pathology report!! Please tap for lung and breast as well as stress for me. Thanks to all. Judy

  118. Judyhowes Judyhowes says:

    I am recuperating from breast surgery on June 21. I am feeling strong and expect results in a few days. Thanks to Tom and all of you; hope to get back there in person soon!

  119. Amcenelly Amcenelly says:

    Finished treatment Ca 125 down to 11 !!!

  120. Director Director says:

    Please tap for spinal cord damage in upper shoulders and legs. Also arthritis.

    Thank you very much.

  121. Director Director says:

    Please tap for spinal cord damage in upper shoulders and legs. Also arthritis.

    Thank you very much.

  122. Please tap for me . . I was just diagnosed . . . If not today, tomorrow in Haverhill . . .

  123. Brenda Lee Brenda Lee says:

    please tap for my weak arms

  124. Loveandlight Loveandlight says:

    Hi, please tap for immune system, inflamation depression, anxiety, fibromyligia, candida, swollen gland, uterus, bladder and pelvic pain. Thank you!

  125. Erikalee Erikalee says:

    Hi all!

    My father Eric is having reoccurring sciatic nerve issues and is in pain. Belinda M. here in Massachusetts worked on him 2 summers ago and relieved his pain immediately with Tong Ren. he is VERY open to healing, and asked me to find out how he can try it again. He is located in Crystal River, Florida. Can we get him on the list for healing tonight? Thank you for any information or help you can provide.


    Erika S.

  126. Maryc Maryc says:

    Thank you very much.

  127. Janod Janod says:

    please tap for ovarian cancer

  128. Elliedolg Elliedolg says:

    Please tap for balance in eyes, acid reflux, inflamation and weakness in legs. Thank You!

  129. Hi Kathleen, It’s Karen from MV, my class going well. I will see you in Quincy class next Monday!!!

  130. Maryc Maryc says:

    Please tap for large labial & vaginal tumor; very painful & unable to sit.
    Thank you!

  131. For me Joan knees are both bothering me – arthritis
    For my husband Jim- sinal stenosis

  132. Yoga Robin Yoga Robin says:

    Deb is in my prayers. Please keep the faith!

  133. Jessgiov Jessgiov says:

    For my sister in law Deb. She has a stomach tumor that is cancerous. She’s 36 years old with an 11 month old baby boy.
    Surgery is tomorrow. They may need to remove part or all of her stomach. We are trying to keep the faith.

  134. Jessgiov Jessgiov says:

    For my sister in law Deb. She has a stomach tumor that is cancerous. She’s 36 years old with an 11 month old baby boy.
    Surgery is tomorrow. They may need to remove part or all of her stomach. We are trying to keep the faith.

  135. Please tap for, type 2 diabetes, Neuropathy in both feet. Head ache and edema drainage . thank you

  136. Teresa Teresa says:

    Please tap for dizziness, tinnitis and lower back pain

  137. Montana Montana says:

    Please tap for a very painful knee injury I sustained last evening as I fell on a tile floor. Very swollen and painful. Thank You, Montana

  138. Namikohart Namikohart says:

    I tried to make a donation using paypal but it was not accepting it, this happened once before too. It isn’t much, 10.00, but the best we can do right now as my husband and i are both unemployed (for a long time now). Can’t tell you how helpful I find the on-line classes, it’s a real life saver, very uplifting and greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  139. Mizmari41 Mizmari41 says:

    Please tap for left breast calcifications with area of increased density, lumbar scoliosis and bone loss mouth, hips and spine.
    In graditude!

  140. Btseier Btseier says:

    It seems a lot of people don’t know how to send requests which is why they are sending them under comments. I think you should give the directions on the home website. I had to email in to find out. You know, type in at bottom of chat and click on Enter on your computer.

  141. Beach Beach says:

    Tumor in spinal column. Loss of sensation on right side. And she has a disease called neuro fibre mitosis. She is in a great deal of back pain surgery soon. Thx

  142. Please tap for Mike, in the hospital with active leukemia in marrow and probably blood and kidneys. Extremely low blood counts need to come up quickly! Thank you.

  143. Sorry I couldn’t make the drive too tierd. Could you please tap for me, strength in left leg and less pain in leg and lower back. Right lung spread to kidney, liver, and brain. Thank you, Ann

  144. Aa Aa says:

    Please tap for my dad Bob who developed sarcoma in his left leg femur that has spread to his lungs. He is the hospital and having great difficulty breathing now. Thank you and Bless you.

  145. I have a PICC line in my right arm that has developed a sever aleric dermatitis and has become itchy and my elbow swollen. Any general woond healing would also be helpfull. Thank you.

  146. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    I have a terrible headache. I think is from using too much betadine on a wound on my left foot. I have RA and hypothyroidiem

  147. Hi everyone,
    Sorry I couldn’t make the meeting too tierd. Faye could you please ask to tap for my bones in left leg, hip and back very sore. Right lung spread to liver, kidney. Thank you Ann

  148. Hi everyone,
    Sorry I couldn’t make the meeting too tierd. Faye could you please ask to tap for my bones in left leg, hip and back very sore. Right lung spread to liver, kidney. Thank you Ann

  149. Aa Aa says:

    He has sarcoma of the left femur that has spread to his lungs. He is also having trouble breathing. Thank you and Bless you.

  150. Maryc Maryc says:

    Hello, I have a large vaginal & vulvar tumor, and would appreciate healing. Also would appreciate healing from childhood verbal, emotional, physical, & sexual abuse; and a sexual assault in 2001.
    Thank you very much,

  151. Maryc Maryc says:

    Hello, I have a large vaginal & vulvar tumor, and would appreciate healing. Also would appreciate healing from childhood verbal, emotional, physical, & sexual abuse; and a sexual assault in 2001.

    Thank you very much,

  152. Diseablom Diseablom says:

    I would like to lose at least 20 lbs. After visiting the doctor today he advised a weight loss may help the pain

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