Tong Ren Healing – Tapping with Tom

* COVID UPDATE FEB 6, 2023: We are opening up Tong Ren classes to accommodate more people who wish to join our live class. Please be mindful and wear a mask if you intend to join. That is our only request. Thank you *

Come join our live Tong Ren Healing class for general healing. This class is open to the public and we invite anyone who wishes to participate to come and join. Feel free to join our class to learn more about Tong Ren Healing Therapy. No experience is required and class is free, however, please consider a suggested $10 donation to help maintain the class space.

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Quincy MA 02169

Broadcast Schedule
Mondays: 4:00pm – 4:30pm – Tong Ren – Weight Balancing
Mondays: 5:00pm – 6:00pm – General Healing with Tom Tam
Wednesdays: 2:30pm – 3:15pm – Anti-Cancer with Tom Tam
Wednesdays: 4:00pm – 4:30pm – Tong Ren – Emotions
Wednesdays: 5:00pm – 6:00pm – General Healing with Tom Tam
Saturdays: 11:00am – 12:00pm – Anti-Cancer with Tom Tam
(All times listed are Eastern Standard Time)

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243 Responses

  1. Mmcnitt Mmcnitt says:

    Hi I’m new to the tapping. I’ve been battling cancer of the left breast with exterior ulceration. Please tap for me. Thank you

  2. DonnaStanton DonnaStanton says:

    Please help. Cannot swallow food or sip water for 3 days dehydrated. Toms of acid, some blood and serious spasms.

  3. Francin Francin says:

    Is it possible to tap aginst foodsensitivities and to balance the nervous system? Thank you

  4. Francin Francin says:

    Francin: is it possible to tap against food sensitivities and to balance the nervous system?

  5. This is Judy from NV. I am having problems with joining your session today. I have stage IV ovarian cancer and need a lot of help. Please tap for me. Blessings

  6. mariaa527 mariaa527 says:

    Dr diane highly recommended you!im having pain in right shoulder but Im very dizzy and can’t drive there nothing I have tried will remove dizziness

  7. ksundermier ksundermier says:

    Hi All. For Karen — please tap for lung cancer (I had chemo this week). Thank you!

  8. JFK JFK says:

    Hi this is Joyce from haverhill breast cancer so they say tell Tom I miss him

  9. Sharon M Sharon M says:

    Good morning. please tap for my schwanoma on trigeminal. Should be going for MRI to check status soon.

  10. FAIZ3000 FAIZ3000 says:

    Please tap for my mother. She has cancer in brain and spine, and also have visual, memory and mobility difficulties after serval surgeries. Thank you!

  11. patstr patstr says:

    Please tap for DCIS Breast cancer, including calcifications. Please also tap for reproductive systems cancers for Sue.

  12. Grateful Grateful says:

    Please tap for release/shrinking of breast lump, Lyme disease, thyroid cancer, and Afib, migraines, and neck tension. Thank you!

  13. Grateful Grateful says:

    Please tap for release in neck tension as well as for a breast lump. Thank you!

  14. Kwalling Kwalling says:

    Good morning:) please tap for Michael T cell lymphoma. He gets pain lack of appetite

  15. Restore71 Restore71 says:

    Hi Tom, it’s Denise G from Newton. Would you please tap for my sister, Terri? She is in hospice at the Tufts Medical. Thank you very much.
    Joe Lyons says Hello.

  16. Chandru Chandru says:

    Hello sir, My main problem is of back ache since 20 years and my present problem is of my Shoulder. I could not move or raise my hand pains severely, hope u will help me out from this pain..Chandra from Nepal!

  17. tonisvision tonisvision says:

    I’m finally on. It’s Toni

  18. Gentiana Gentiana says:

    Can you please tap for me for ALS? Thank you!

  19. AMOG AMOG says:

    Thank you so much Tom Tam, and everyone, yesterday, 18 Jul. I asked for my right knee..and my husband George’s leg foot, back spine, chest.
    Well. I woke up painfree this morning!! no pain in the lower back, shoulder. Just in my hands. But wow. I still feel good. Amazing! and George – he was able to stand better. He can’t talk much, due to Alzheimer, but he looked better too. Thank you sooo much.
    I will join you again, if I may.. and I hope that little that I can donate you will help at your end too. So much gratitude! xxx

  20. StevChap StevChap says:

    Please tap for pancreatic and liver cancer

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