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Come join our live Tong Ren Healing class for general healing. This class is open to the public and we invite anyone who wishes to participate to come and join. Feel free to join our class to learn more about Tong Ren Healing Therapy. No experience is required and class is free, however, please consider a suggested $10 donation to help maintain the class space.

300 Congress St Suite 310
Quincy MA 02169

Broadcast Schedule
Mondays: 4:00pm – 4:30pm – Tong Ren – Weight Balancing
Mondays: 5:00pm – 6:00pm – General Healing with Tom Tam
Wednesdays: 2:30pm – 3:15pm – Anti-Cancer with Tom Tam
Wednesdays: 4:00pm – 4:30pm – Tong Ren – Emotions
Wednesdays: 5:00pm – 6:00pm – General Healing with Tom Tam
Saturdays: 11:00am – 12:00pm – Anti-Cancer with Tom Tam
(All times listed are Eastern Standard Time)

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Donations are matched by local and national sponsors to benefit our foundation, which provides education through print and live events to further the benefits and reaches of Tong Ren Healing.

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188 Responses

  1. HappyDaysAreHERE says:

    Ni hao Tom. Qing tap for recent request. See myself fully healthy, no issues from TBI, clear thinking, energetic laughing making jokes, dancing air travel, everything I do when strong. No tinnitus, happy, enthusiastic, eyes easily see far again, read easily again because all of my channels stay open. No need for pills, shots. Chi does it all

  2. HappyDaysAreHERE says:

    Xie tapping for endocrine balancing after multiple TBI, coma, raising energy up, fitness, ability to read computer screens without headaches, correcting oversensitivity to emf, chemical s, certain foods, tree, pollen, grass allergies
    Started reacting to normal nature after concussions, coma. Want to believe in self to be useful and heal fully. Xie, Tom. Kris

  3. Edith says:

    How do I login in for tapping.
    My husband has acute kidney failure as well as metastatic liposarcoma please tap for healing

  4. HappyDaysAreHERE says:

    Xie for aligned spine, C1, Atlas aligned, clear headed, thinking, can read easily again, high energy again, trusting my body to be able to be stable energetic, thinking clearly, no longer overly empathic

  5. Saira Bull says:

    I was diagnosed with breast cancer 6 years ago . Had lumpectomy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. My cancer has now come back as angio sarcoma which was caused by radiotherapy. Had to have mastectomy , and been told it has gone into my lymph nodes , have now been advised to have chemotherapy. Can you please tap for me . Thank you Saira Bull

  6. HappyDaysAreHERE says:

    Enjoy spine being in full align, Atlas C1 strong

  7. HappyDaysAreHERE says:

    Ni hao ,Tom. Please tell on knowing what to do for TBI best healing so don’t need outside stuff to do what brain can do on own. Clear thinking, pituitary producing, clear breathing, able to use my talents because I now have energy, clear thinking, can read many pages without pain (I am stating what I envision, want)

  8. HappyDaysAreHERE says:

    Clear breathing, easy breathing

  9. Kreista says:

    Good day, Tom. Please tap for hypothalamic brain injury… Many hormones taken to replace what brain swelling stopped producing. HGH,thyroid, testosterone, progesterone and ptsd, emotional healing. Xie xie for your service.

  10. Joyfullmarte Joyfullmarte says:

    Hello, wish I could be there in person. Would you please tap for arthritis, high cholesterol & digestion.
    Thank you. Blessings to All, Marte

  11. Pam700 Pam700 says:

    Please tap for sarcoma

  12. Quymai37 Quymai37 says:

    plz tap for lung cancer,brain tumor,diabetes 2, loosing voice,tremor hands, legs feeling weak thankyou very much

  13. Quymai37 Quymai37 says:

    plz tap for lung cancer,brain tumors,tremorhands,diabetes 2,hyperthyroid,feeling weak when standing up,need more energy.Thank you very much

  14. Deb Comen says:

    Just saying “hi”. Wish I was there tonight.

  15. Quymai37 Quymai37 says:

    plz tap lung cancer,brain tumor,tremor hands,diabetes 2,hyperthyroid,weak when standing up,weak unsteady legs, need energy

  16. Quymai37 Quymai37 says:

    plz tapfor lung cancer,brain tumors

  17. Grazyna Grazyna says:

    please tap for enlarged swollen and hard left cervical node, and possible lymphoma, thank u

  18. Tonisvision Tonisvision says:

    Hi Everyone, I had my hysterectomy on Friday the 8th. 2 days before I had an MRI, and I found out that my brain tumors are shrinking and/or disappearing. I had endomentrial cancer, but they took it all out. They biopsied my liver and one lymph node when doing the surgery, so I'm waiting for the results. But the good news I wanted to share is the brain tumors!  Thank you to the healing center for helping me. I feel confident that my cancer is leaving my body, and if I have it in my liver or lymph node, I will continue to come to the center for healing. I won't do chemotherapy.

    Thank you… please do tong wren for liver/lymph and brain tumors. 

  19. Pam700 Pam700 says:

    Please tap for me for sarcoma prevention.

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