Tong Ren Healing With Craig Holmes and Wyndee Egan

Welcome to Ayurveda Studio Tong Ren, with Craig Holmes and Wyndee Egan.

Live Tong Ren Healing class – Broadcasting from Magnolia

This webcast is offered free of charge, but donations are always welcome.

Classes are on hold currently.

Live Class Location
25C Lexington Ave 2nd Floor
Magnolia, MA 01930

Live Tong Ren Healing class – Broadcasting from Magnolia on Monday nights at 7:00pm EST. This class is led by Craig Holmes and moderated by Wyndee Egan. Please join us online for some healing energy.

Classes are normally held each week at the studio, currently restricted to On-Line Broadcasts currently (May 2020) due to COVID-19 requirements.

Ayarveda is a holistic healing practice incorporating many practice aspects to maintain a life of balance, including diet, self-care, massage, exercise, mediation and yoga. Each client has a unique foot print to bring balance back to your original constitution. Tong Ren Healing System and related Chi Gong exercises provide very compatible and complement components to Ayurveda practice. This is a Tong Ren session, using Tom’s system, references and current frequency machines and practices.

Craig has been practicing Tong Ren including running classes or conference calls for 14 years, and Wyndee has been studying Ayurveda for 15+ years and meditation for 35+ years. We welcome all clients to this General Tong Ren “Lazy Bum” class via broadcast.


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