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~ New classes in New London, Lebanon and Manchester New Hampshire

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  1. nhkathy nhkathy says:

    Thank you Anusuya for your comments! Kathy

  2. nhkathy nhkathy says:

    Thank you Anusuya for your comments! Kathy

  3. Anusuya Anusuya says:

    We used Norris Cotton in Manchester as Pat’s Cancer Center for almost a year. Some of the staff is familiar with tong ren. I spent many hours in their infusion room and often brought out my doll and hammer to work on Pat while we were there. I have also worked on some of the staff. None of us ever expected he could survive so long with recurrent late stage esophageal cancer, so we gradually won his oncologist over. None of the other oncologists could believe how long he had been going with this particular cancer. He also had so few side effects, especially residuals like neuropathy or crapped out bone marrow. We blended chemo off and on for over five years along with tong ren. They might be willing to let you put some info there about your class. CMC does not allow alternatives there because they fall under their umbrella (God heals), but the Cancer Center might let you post a flyer. I talked to quite a few
    patients there about it. I made some good friends in our time in Manchester, and am excited you have a class starting there.

  4. nhkathy nhkathy says:

    Sage Gallery every Wed. 11:30

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