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Tong Ren & the Science Behind Energy Healing (Boston)

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  1. mcheyne mcheyne says:

    I was wondering will there be any more presentations in the 177 Huntington location in Boston?

  2. namikohart namikohart says:

    Hi, Would the Vineyard Nursing Association need a formal invitation to attend? My daughter in law is a nurse, who works with them and I thought they might enjoy an opportunity to see this lecture in a hospital setting. Thanks!

  3. says:

    The event will be on Thursday December 8th and it won’t be video taped. If we have a video tape, we will post it on our site but please invite your local nurse association to join us if they are interested in joining our lecture.

  4. namikohart namikohart says:

    Just curious, I didn’t notice a date for the event. Also, will this event be videotaped for public consumption? If so it would be a great video to have to circulate. If interested I could see if our local visiting nurse association would be interested in screening it here on Martha’s Vineyard. Thank you.

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