Community Highlights: Tom Tam

Tom Tam’s Dream to Heal the World

As we begin to highlight people in our collective Tong Ren community who bring us joy, hope, happiness, and inspiration, we wanted to first recognize Tom Tam who brought Tong Ren into our lives. Tong Ren is an energy healing system that has given hope and healing to tens of thousands of people around the world. While Tom is based in Boston, MA, his healing system is used across the country, and even the world.

Tom is gifted at making people feel comfortable and hopeful, even when they are going through difficult emotional situations, mentally or physically. When he leads a healing class, the mood is upbeat and there is so much laughter and positivity in the air, making it easy to forget what brought the group together. Tom jokes that he is a “lazy bum” and encourages others to take it easy, too, emphasizing that relaxation is the first step to healing. But, Tom doesn’t seem to take his own advice when it comes to “taking it easy.” In more than 40 years of practicing acupuncture and Tong Ren, Tom has treated thousands of patients, working seven days a week, including holidays, and never canceling, not even during snowstorms.

Since 2001, Tom has lead Tong Ren healing sessions to treat any and all ailments. These classes are free to everyone and are run on donations. In its early days, Tom jokingly named these sessions Guinea Pig Classes because it was experimental and the first of its kind. The lighthearted name also compliments the easygoing and happy nature of the sessions. When the room is filled with so much positivity and so many good reports, it is difficult to be in a negative state of mind.

Besides being a healer, Tom is also a self-taught engineer. He has used his limitless ingenuity and wealth of knowledge to invent the Tong Ren Wave Healing device. Tom’s machines are truly revolutionary, combining the sciences of brainwave entrainment, gravitational healing, and quantum physics, he has

Tom’s dream is to spread Tong Ren until it reaches every corner of the earth. He believes that this is the Future Medicine. He continues to research and advance his healing system, while teaching students, and traveling the world to share his dreams. He enjoys teaching his students and anyone interested in learning about his research and methodology. By teaching others, his students are able to follow his system, pass it on, and further provide positive healing benefits to the community and the world.

Tom’s love for his work and his patients is inspirational. He never gives up hope, even when that person was told by a doctor that his/her time was up.

Thank you Tom Tam for your positive commitment to our health and happiness. You bring so much joy to our lives.